UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund, believes that nurturing and caring for children is the cornerstone of human progress. UNICEF’s long list of goals includes saving millions of children’s lives through low-cost interventions, preventing child trafficking and exploitation and helping to eliminate mother-child transmission of HIV/AIDS.

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Unicef, UNICEF/NYHQ2012-0095/Olivier Asselin Democratic Republic of the Congo, 2012




UNICEF seeks to build a world where the rights of every child are realized. As a global organization, they work in nearly 190 countries. Their Social and Civic Media Section,which is based in their HQ in New York, is tasked with engaging stakeholders in a deeper dialog about child rights issues. In addition, they work to empower communities to create positive change worldwide and share knowledge on using digital approaches that can be brought to scale across the organization.


With Google Hangouts, UNICEF brought the organization’s far-flung community into the conversation and empowered them to speak directly with UNICEF. Participants from around the world had their questions answered and participated in a global dialogue.

UNICEF gave an inside look into the lives and efforts of dedicated colleagues spanning more than 12 time zones. Not only was UNICEF able to harness the amazing efforts of Goodwill Ambassador Mia Farrow, but also to demonstrate the commitment of colleagues in India, Pakistan, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“What better way to tell a global story of helping children than by connecting offices around the world in different regions and bringing stories together around a particular topic, in this case: polio?”

Gerrit Beger, Chief, Social and Civic Media Section, Division of Communication, UNICEF


UNICEF was able to raise awareness and demonstrate the powerful work that is being done. It was mentioned 1,044 times online (mostly on Twitter) leading up to the Google Hangout. Participants from around the world had their questions answered and participated in a dialogue of a global magnitude. One special note is that Mia Farrow participated from the Congo, proving that more countries can be engaged that hadn’t prior been able to fully participate in social media initiatives.

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