What's new with Chromebook?

Chromebooks update automatically to provide you with the latest features and keep the software fresh and speedy. Here are some highlights from recent updates.

Turn your cursor magenta

Now you can change the color of your cursor, so you can improve its visibility and add a personal touch to your Chromebook. Choose from seven more colors: red, yellow, green, cyan, blue, magenta and pink. This feature is designed to help people with low vision. To adjust your cursor, go to the “Mouse and touchpad” section of Settings.

Select-to-speak gets better

Select-to-speak lets you highlight a section of text and hear it spoken aloud. You now have the option to shade the background, which makes it easier to focus on the highlighted content being spoken. This is especially helpful for people with low vision and learning disabilities like dyslexia. To enable this improvement, search for “Select-to-speak” within Settings.

Easier Wi-Fi access with Wi-Fi Sync

Wi-Fi Sync makes it easier for you to access Wi-Fi across multiple Chromebooks. Now when you enter a Wi-Fi password on one Chromebook, that information is securely saved to your account so you can immediately connect to that network when you sign in to another Chromebook. You can turn this off at any time within Settings.

Easier Wi-Fi access with Wi-Fi Sync

Quickly control your mic volume

Now you can control the volume of your voice on video calls in a few clicks. The new mic slider lets you immediately control how soft or loud you sound on calls. Try this feature directly from Quick Settings.

Quickly control your mic volume

Looking to
make a switch?

Switching to a Chromebook is easy. If you know how to use a phone, you know how to use a Chromebook. Just log in with your Google account and go.