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Chromebooks are designed to handle any task

Chromebooks are designed to help you get things done quickly, securely, and easily. Go from working hard to winding down with instant access to your files and favorite apps. And with built-in virus protection and automatic software updates, your Chromebook is safe and secure - no extra packages required.

Minecraft, now on Chromebook

Minecraft is now available on Chromebook. Join millions of players to mine, craft, explore and survive in a vast open world, with seamless cross-play with friends.

*Minecraft is available on select Chromebooks. See here for device eligibility details.

Minecraft characters and animals stand on a blocky, three-dimension terrain.

At the heart of every Chromebook is ChromeOS

ChromeOS is the operating system made by Google. ChromeOS powers every Chromebook and helps it stay speedy, secure, and easy for you to use.

Starts fast and stays fast

Chromebooks boot up in seconds, and with automatic updates* you get the latest software without interruption.

*See how long a device is eligible for updates at g.co/chromeosupdates/en/

Find what you need instantly

Chromebooks come with the Everything Button, a one-touch key that helps you find files, apps, and answers online instantly.

Safety first with security built-in

Automatic virus protection, sandboxing, verified boot and a built-in security chip help keep you and your information safe.

Get it all done, and then some.

Whether you're getting to work on a project, or winding down for the day, you can find an app to help you along the way.

Enjoy gaming anywhere

Access 1000+ PC and console games powered by the cloud. Play mobile favorites like Candy Crush and Homescapes right from your Chromebook.

Chromebook laptop with a brightly illuminiated RGB keyboard displaying key art from popular video game titles.

When creativity strikes, you’re ready to flow.

Use media studio apps like Adobe Lightroom and Amped Studio for heavy editing projects. Design your next digital work of art with Figma, Canva, and more.

A Chromebook folded backwards as a stand, displaying a photo editing session.

Unleash your productivity at a moment’s notice

Use Microsoft Office and Google Docs, Sheets & Slides to work across projects. Log in to your Google Account from your Chromebook and instantly access your preferences.

A Chromebook folded backwards as a stand, displaying a document editing session.

Enjoy instant entertainment at your fingertips

Relax with apps like Spotify, Disney+, and Youtube when you're ready to unwind.

A Chromebook displaying entertainment app.

Do more with your Chromebook

Explore the different ways to Chromebook to get the most out of your device.

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    Getting started with Chromebook

    Did you just purchase a Chromebook? Here’s a great place to learn how to use your new computer.

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    How to edit Microsoft Office files and documents

    Get tips and shortcuts to learn how to edit Microsoft Office files like a pro right from your Chromebook.

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    How to download apps and games

    Learn how to safely download and install your favorite apps to get the most from your Chromebook.

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    Discover special perks, just for Chromebook owners

    Check out the latest offers, deals, and discounts, especially for your device.