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May 2024 | Latest update

What's New with Chromebook?

Chromebooks update automatically* to provide you with the latest features and keep the software fresh and speedy. Here are some highlights from recent updates.

*See how long a device is eligible for updates at g.co/chromeosupdates/en/.


Chat with Gemini right from your homescreen on Chromebook Plus

Chromebook Plus now comes with Gemini, so you have direct access to Google AI right from your shelf. Tap on the spark icon on your shelf and chat with Gemini to supercharge your ideas and get help with brainstorming, planning, learning and more.


Write like a pro with help from Gemini

Get help writing and rewriting on your Chromebook Plus with Help me write. Whether you’re drafting blog posts, dropping a review to your favorite restaurant, or thinking up clever social captions, you can get help writing the way you want. Just right click on a supported text field in a conversation, a blog post or other websites and enter your prompt. To rewrite, select and right click on your desired text, and you can choose to add emojis, elaborate, formalize and more. Learn More.


Reimagine your photos with Magic Editor

With the power of Google AI in Google Photos, just tap or circle the object you want to edit, hold and drag to reposition, or pinch to resize them. Use contextual suggestions to improve the lighting and background.


Design unique backgrounds

Create wallpaper and video call backgrounds as unique as you, with a little help from Google AI. To get started, right click your desktop and select “Set wallpaper”, then “Create with AI”. In just a few clicks, infuse your Chromebook with a unique personality, mood, or interest. To change your video call background, tap the video icon on your shelf when you are on a video call and select the magic wand icon.

Level up your gaming with the new Game dashboard

Get the most out of gaming on your Chromebook with the new Game dashboard. Game dashboard lets you easily add keyboard input to Android games, record and capture your gameplay, and share your recording with others.* Tap the Window Bar in your game window to see the dashboard menu, and explore the various customization and capture options.

*Recording, capturing, and sharing your gameplay is exclusive to Chromebook Plus

Be your most productive self with Google Tasks

Access and add to your Google Tasks straight from your Chromebook shelf without missing a beat. Any tasks that you add from Gmail on your phone will get synced to your Chromebook. Tap the date to view your calendar and Google Tasks checklist. You can navigate between your to-do lists by tapping on the down arrow to toggle between your lists. Learn More.

Create and send a GIF screen recording

Create a GIF of whatever is on your screen and easily share it. Open the Screen Capture tool in Quick Settings and select the screen record icon, then drag to select an area to record. From the dropdown, tap “Record GIF” to record your screen activity. The file will automatically be copied to your clipboard so you can paste and share it with just a tap.

Personalize your mouse buttons

Enhance your Chromebook experience by customizing the buttons on your mouse. Now you can assign specific actions to every button to match your needs and preferences. For example, if you take a lot of screenshots you can choose to have a button on your mouse open the screen capture tool. To customize the inputs on your mouse, go to the ‘Devices’ section in Settings, select ‘Mouse’ and click on ‘Customize mouse buttons’.

Create personalized keyboard shortcuts

You may already have your favorite shortcuts that help save time and be more productive, like Ctrl + Shift + Overview to take a screenshot. Now you can customize your own shortcut keyboard combinations for specific actions you commonly use. Simply open the Key Shortcuts app (Everything button or Search  key + Ctrl + S) and click on the pen next to the action you want to edit. You can then change the key combination for that action to one that is easier to do with one hand or simpler to remember.

Looking to make a switch?

Switching from Mac or Windows is as easy as logging in. In just three simple steps, you’ll find your files and photos ready to go on your new Chromebook.

View previous updates

March 2024

Quickly share files between Chromebook and Android phones, switch between desks with a tap, and transform PDFs into text.

November 2023

Easily find and add gifs with just a tap, multitask with new Clipboard features, slow your battery's decline with Adaptive Charging, and more.

September 2023

Personalize your device with a new set of accent colors that match your wallpaper, select a shared Google Photos album for your wallpaper to rotate through, multitask across different window screen configurations, and more.

June 2023

Express your creativity with Google Photos' new movie editor and video editing features, easily organize your apps you've downloaded on your Chromebook in the Launcher, discover new articles about apps in the Explore app, multitask across different windows, and find more options for your handwritten notes.