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Google Earth Outreach gives nonprofits and public benefit organizations the knowledge and resources they need to visualize their cause and tell their story in Google Earth & Maps to hundreds of millions of people.

Explore the Khumbu on Google Maps

Our new project with the Apa Sherpa Foundation and Story Cycle makes it possible to explore the culture and landscapes of the Khumbu region, homeland of the Sherpa people, in Google Maps. Learn more

Global Fishing Watch

In partnership with SkyTruth and Oceana, at the World Parks Congress we announced Global Fishing Watch, an interactive web tool that will enable anyone with an internet connection to visualize the global fishing fleet in space and time. Learn more

Try Google My Maps

This tutorial will teach you how to quickly create and share maps on the web using Google My Maps, whether your starting point is a spreadsheet of data, a Google Earth file or a hand-drawn map! Take the tutorial