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Computer Alliance

4,242 reviews from Google Trusted Stores

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  1. Cheapest price I could find in Australia, same day contact and dispatch (from a real person!) and fast delivery, would definitely buy from them again.
  2. Not too bad a store until you have to replace a ordinary monitor (in my case) with a superior monitor. Due to advertising and internet reviews, I purchased a Samsung 36" curved monitor, however, when I ran this one it was not up to the quality I am used to. Colour quality was not able to produce what I need for design work. I tried calibrating, updating drivers and other things that could improve things but could not get near what I need. Anyway, since I had bought a 34" Ben Q 4K Pro. quality in the past (straight screen) which I am more than pleased with, I suggested that I return the Samsung and purchase another Ben q plus I would buy approximately $4500 worth of compter parts to upgrade my main PC. I sent my Samsung back and waited approx. 2 months when they paid me back an amount that was about $250 less then I paid for the Samsung. I held up my end and bought and paid for the new Ben q plus the extra parts that I said I would. I would have thought that they would have given me a better deal since I buy top of the line gear and also pass on to people who is a good supplier so they might deal with my recommendations. I really think that I was treated quite harshly in my dealings mentioned and I might start looking for a better supplier in the future. Regards, Kevin Mc Kenna
  3. Awesome organization to deal with. I recommend.
  4. Always as advertised and quick to arrive.
  5. very happy for how quick they sent it. very easy to deal with
  6. No returns, are kind of cunts, bad product descriptions
  7. Late arrival was not Computer Alliance problem, but the carrier. However, all dealings direct with Computer Alliance was excellent.
  8. Acceptable experience, nothing extraordinary. The only fault is that you have to verify the amount in your bank details before they ship it which is unusual. They sent an email about it but I just assumed it was some form of order processing email.
  9. Huge range, brilliant service, competitive prices, what more could you ask for in a local PC shop?
  10. Fast and easy