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“Show me my trip.”

“Shazam this song.”

“Search TripAdvisor for Bristol hotels.”


Plan a trip.

Get flights, hotels, car rentals, restaurants and event tickets for your upcoming trip.

Dining icon


“Where is the closest coffee shop?”

“Show me my dinner reservations for Thursday.”

“What time does Anita Gelato close?”

“How much protein is in a poached egg?”

Films icon


“Show me the movie trailer for Furious 7.”

“When does Minions come out?”

Music icon


“Play Modest Mouse.”

“What's this song?”

“Show me my email from Zoe about Modest Mouse.”

“What are songs by Ziggy Stardust?”

Sports icon


“What's the capacity of The Gabba?”

“When does Australia play next in the cricket?”

“When is the rugby league grand final?”

“How is Australia doing in the cricket world cup?”


Shazam this song.

Find artist and song information instantly.


Search TripAdvisor for Noosa hotels.

It's easy to search for content, even if it's in another app.

Travel icon


“When should I leave for the airport today?”

“Is my flight delayed?”

“How much is 10 dollars in Euros?”

“How do you say let's go out tonight in French?”

Take action icon

Take Action

“Call Jake.”

“Text Bec, be there in 10, can't find my keys.”

“Open YouTube.”

“Email Sam – love those pics from the barbecue!”

Directions & maps icon

Directions & Maps

“How do I get home by bus?”

“Where is Sumo Salad?”

“Is there a farmer's market near here?”

“How's the traffic to work?”

Reminders & alarms icon

Reminders & Alarms

“Remind me to call mum when I get home.”

“Set an alarm for 7:30am.”

“Remind me to call Jess when I get home.”

“Wake me up in an hour.”

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Charlie Chaplin's birthday. Christmas. Beijing Olympics. Find your favourite home page doodles in our interactive doodle gallery and check back to see new ones.

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Discover which searches are trending right now. Track the popularity of different searches. See which searches are popular in different locations.

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How Search Works

How Search Works

Search. It happens billions of times a day in the blink of an eye. Explore the art and science that makes it possible.

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