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Publication numberWO2015015289 A3
Publication typeApplication
Application numberPCT/IB2014/001456
Publication date30 Apr 2015
Filing date30 Jul 2014
Priority date1 Aug 2013
Also published asCA2918699A1, CN105556240A, EP3028003A2, US9393087, US20150037750, US20160354184, WO2015015289A2
Publication numberPCT/2014/1456, PCT/IB/14/001456, PCT/IB/14/01456, PCT/IB/2014/001456, PCT/IB/2014/01456, PCT/IB14/001456, PCT/IB14/01456, PCT/IB14001456, PCT/IB1401456, PCT/IB2014/001456, PCT/IB2014/01456, PCT/IB2014001456, PCT/IB201401456, WO 2015/015289 A3, WO 2015015289 A3, WO 2015015289A3, WO-A3-2015015289, WO2015/015289A3, WO2015015289 A3, WO2015015289A3
InventorsYosi MOALEM
ApplicantAlign Technology, Inc.
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Focal scanning for generating focused color images
WO 2015015289 A3
Generating in-focus color images by scanning the focal length and acquiring multiple color images with different focal planes. The in- focus image generated from these multiple images is suitable to be combined with a scanning confocal three dimensional measurement performed by the same system. Teh system can be used for intra-oral scanning.
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