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Publication numberWO1996021543 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberPCT/JP1995/002747
Publication date18 Jul 1996
Filing date27 Dec 1995
Priority date11 Jan 1995
Also published asDE19581555C2, DE19581555T0, DE19581555T1, US5771725
Publication numberPCT/1995/2747, PCT/JP/1995/002747, PCT/JP/1995/02747, PCT/JP/95/002747, PCT/JP/95/02747, PCT/JP1995/002747, PCT/JP1995/02747, PCT/JP1995002747, PCT/JP199502747, PCT/JP95/002747, PCT/JP95/02747, PCT/JP95002747, PCT/JP9502747, WO 1996/021543 A1, WO 1996021543 A1, WO 1996021543A1, WO 9621543 A1, WO 9621543A1, WO-A1-1996021543, WO-A1-9621543, WO1996/021543A1, WO1996021543 A1, WO1996021543A1, WO9621543 A1, WO9621543A1
InventorsSuehiro Mizukawa
ApplicantSuehiro Mizukawa
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Method of manufacturing band blade, method of bending band plate material and apparatus for bending band plate material
WO 1996021543 A1
The invention has its object to perform respective processings of forming notches and bends on a portion (62) being processed of a lengthy edged band plate material (61) with high precision. A bending device (31) and a notch forming device (11) are used such that the portion (62) being processed of the lengthy edged band plate material (61) which is passed through an outlet (35) of a die member (32) of the bending device (31) is subjected to notch-forming by the notch-forming device (11), then subjected to bending by the bending device (31) and is finally cut off from a portion which is not processed. When the edged band plate material (61) is pressed against a forming surface (36) of the outlet (35) of the stationary die member (32) by a pressing tool (33) to be bent, a pulled-out amount of the edged band plate material (61) is measured by an encoder (8). A servomotor (7) is operated a number of revolutions which corresponds to a measurement of the encoder (8) to rotate feed rollers (51) to feed the edged band plate material (61) by a predetermined amount.
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International ClassificationB26F1/44, B21D53/00, B21D37/20, B26F1/00, B21D5/04, B21D53/64, B21D35/00, B21D5/01, B21D28/02
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European ClassificationB21D5/04C, B21D37/20B, B21D5/04, B26F1/44, B21D28/02
Legal Events
18 Jul 1996AKDesignated states
Kind code of ref document: A1
Designated state(s): DE US
13 Aug 1996WWEWipo information: entry into national phase
Ref document number: 08687438
Country of ref document: US
19 Jun 1997RETDe translation (de og part 6b)
Ref country code: DE
Ref document number: 19581555
Date of ref document: 19970619
Format of ref document f/p: P