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Publication numberUS1272552 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date16 Jul 1918
Filing date31 Jul 1917
Priority date31 Jul 1917
Publication numberUS 1272552 A, US 1272552A, US-A-1272552, US1272552 A, US1272552A
InventorsRobert P Spencer
Original AssigneeRobert P Spencer
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Pipe-bending machine.
US 1272552 A
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1,272,552. Patented July 16, 1918.




2 flak/2 15917012062 YMMV 0b BY @wad A TTORNEY R. P. SPENCER.


Patented July 16, 1918.

2 SHEETS-SHEET 2 I N V E N TOR ATTORNEY ms mums mavens 0a.. Puma-rum. wAsmN'ruN. n. c.

Roster r, SPENCER, or sm'ms,"wa a aeaqa Q rrrn-n numlvl tmdlil imf ,f

To all whom it may concern Be it known that I, ROBERT P. SPENCER, a citizen of the United States, residing in Seattle, King county, in the State of ashington, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in -Pipe Bending Machines, of which the followingis a full, clear, and exact specification. i

My invention relates to improvements in apparatus for bending pipes and analogous bodies, and the same has for its object more particularly to provide a simple, reliable and etlieientmachine for bending pipes of-different diameters, and which may be so adjusted as to operate in either a vertical or horizontal plane. i 4'1;

To the attainment of the aforesaid objects and ends my invention consists. in the novel details of construction and in the combination, connection and arrangementof parts hereinafter more fully described. andthen pointed'out in the claims.

In the accompanyingdrawings forming part of this specification wherein likenumerals of reference indicate like parts.

Figure 1 is a side view showing one form of a machine constructed according" to, and embodying my invention, secured to a bench;

Fig. is a rear end view of the same;

Fig. 3 is a top or plan view.

In said drawings designates a bench or other suitable support upon which is secured by means of bolts 11, 11 a base 12-hav ing a depending front portion 13 adapted to bear against the side of the bench 10. Upon the upper surface of the base 12, near the center, are provided upwardly projecting lugs or bearings 14, 15. 16 denotes a plate which constitutes the bottom member of a vise, andwhich is provided at its forward end with a projection or horn 17. The plate 16 is also provided with depending lugs or ears 18, 18 adapted to receive a pin 19 which also extends through the lugs 14, on the base 12 j and, serves to hold said I parts'pivotally united.

Intermediate the lugs or=bearings 14, 15 on the base 12 is provided a smaller-bearing 20 having an aperture therein to receive a pin 21 which is adapted to 'extendthrough an aperture in the lug or bearing 14, and into one of-the. apertures 22 provided -in:the


depending lug or ear 18 at the front end of the plate 16, by means of which said plate 16 and its connected parts, which constitute Application filed July 31, 1917. Serial No. 1sa,750.-

Specification of Letters Patent. z Patent 1 uly 16,

the vise, may be'securedztosa horizontal or vertical position.

- Upon the upper surface o'flthei plate 16 are provlded upwardly projecting lugs 23, 23 to which are secur'ed'abyrpins 2 1,2 1 the lugs 25, 25 of the top 26 whichlconstitutes the upper part ofthe vise. 'Thedower part or plate-16 is provided with a-centr'allyllocated, longitudinal dove-tail slot27 ad'apted to receive a removable j aw 28,;landthe underside of the'top 26 is providedi'with a 'cennah-longitudinal recess 29 m which-is located a vertically movableebani-or member 30 provided upon its undersideiwith a longitudinal clove-tail slot 31 adapted to receive the removable jaw 32 which? is adapted to cooperate with the aw 28z to' hold the, pipe mposition in the vise; ,;:a. 1.2; The verticalmovement of the'bar-or member 30 is efiectedi by means;- of 2 vertical screws 34, 34which extend? through the top 26 and engage the ba'mor;member-BOJwTo the upper ends of said screws 34:, 3 1-- are fixed gears 35, 35, whiclrmesh vWithv a larger gear 36 mounted to rotate intermediate-the same, and 37 denotes a handle secured upon said gear 36 by-means ofrwhichthe bar or member 30 may be raised or lowered as-t-he gears 36, and 35, 35, and the screws 34, 34 are rotated in one direction or'the other.

Upon the projection .orhorn 17' of the plate 16 is secured the, die or form over which the pipe is bent and the same consists of a semi-circular anvil-38having a substantially semi circular grooverv39 in its outer or rounded-surface, and .a .series of apertures 40 in its Side adjacent to :itS rounded edge. The rear. vertical edge-of said anvil 38 is. recessed and adapted ,to be fitted at its iupperrend to the-iprojection or horn 17 and secured imposition thereon vby means of a pin .41 extendingitransversely through said anvil 38. and theprojection or horn 17 extending into the same.

4C2 denotes aliandle which is forked at its inner end and straddles thedie38 and has the ends of its forked members pivotallysecured by a pin 13 to said die. L 1 denotes a roller, mounted in one of a series of apertures'eti in the forked portion of the handle 12 abov theanvil 38, adapted to bear-upon, :and

press the pipe 33 into the groove 39 in said anvil 38,, as the; handlev 12 is rotated there- 3011,: and thus bend the pipe to the desired bringing the anvil 38 'paral1el ivitli'tlr' anvil, substantiallyas specified (loiii sit t necessarsi to iiisert a pinbr stp 4 5 Hi1 orle of the apertures in the an v1 l 3 8 reby the downward move'ine'iit of tlieharidle'will be arrested at the required po nt rand ,the;

pipe in that Way bent to a predetermined;

down asbin'diozited by jilbtted lines a't l un til its -further -1'novem'ent= is the pin 45. When the" pipe"st' a: greater angle tlian be partly withdramranjd them I E the parts ithereon s;w1ing' -to"z("pos1t1on -'at right angles'tcr that shown a tiFi i 1? thereby and permitting thepi'p fo te-=1) tirely farouiid thesa e to theD foTirQ bif a semi-circle; or 180 iniei'ther direotio Having-thus descr'ibed 'my said 'iriviitio'n', whatI claim and'desire to=securezbv Letters Patent is f" I I A machine ofthe charaeter de'scribed comprising a baseya vise having-a bottom member-and a topmember, sa-id bottom member being mounted uponsaid base, said top member being hinged tosaid bottom member,- a, jaw suppo 't'ed by; said bottom member, a jaw movably supportedby said top member, means mounted upon said top member for moving said 'movable jaw an anvil carried by said vise, and? means toengage a pipe to conform'thesamet said 2.-A machine ofthe character described comprising a basel a vise having bottom member and a top member. -saic l bottom member being mounted upon said base and being provided with upwardly extending lugs, said top member being-'1 hinged to said lugs on said bottommember, a 121W supported by said bottom member, a 111w movablysupportedby said top member. means mounted upon said top'merx'ibe'ryfor moving said movable javvfan anvil earried bv si i d 'vi'se; and means to engage a pipeto eenfrm thesame-tosaid anvil, substantially [as specifled-.

3. "-A machine of the character described comprisir' 'g 'a' base, a vise having ajbottoin itv simplyzzb'ecomes ne'cessa: ito force the:lever 1- patient L ma'y. be obtained 1 tor five cents eaeh, by i i i i f'wuhinztbmnfifl .v v w i iember and a top member, said bottom me berbeingmounted upon said base and i'bemg provided with "upwardly extending l lgs sa id top member being provided with Wii'wardly extending lugs registering with ,saidJugg, on said bottom member pins extending through said registering lugs awhereby-said top member is hinged to said bottom member, a jaw supported by said bottom member,ajaw=movably supp0rted by said top 'member,"means mounted upon said top-memberfor moving said movable jaw, bi iranvilscarried by said vise,and means to engagen'pipe' tooonform the same to said anililpsubstantially as specified.- '1

11 14. A maphineiof thel character described comprising a. .base' 'liaiving lugs thereon, a e pivotal-1y:supported iby' s-aid: lugs, a ibea'ring on said base intermei'liate said lugs, 'aapin'lsupportedin said bearing and extend .oieiigageisaidcvise, an anvil carried by said vise; and means a engage a pipe to conform "the same to said anvil; substantially as specifi6d.-

53 a5? im'achiiie of lthe characterdescribed, lcom'prisingl an base having lugs -thereon-,. a pla't form pivotally supported b rf sa'idi lugsj a bearing on'said L shape base int'ermedia'te 'sa'id lugs, a pin supported'in said bearing and extendu'i'gthrough one of the lugs on-said' base'audadapted to engage said platfornm-aprojection at the front end of said platform, a. member u'iount-ed on said p'latfornua jaw arranged on said pl tform, a bar adjusta'bly mounted in said member above said-jaw, a. jmvcarried by said bar. screws extending through said member and engaging said bar, gears liXed upon the upper ends of said screws. a gear revolubly -mounted uponsaid member intermediate andfengagili'ig thej'ge'arson said screws au opera-ting"handle on said intermediate gear, a senii oi'roiilaranvil haviu; a reeessed portion-'adai'ited for sec'uremeut to the projectioironsaic'l platform, aseries of apertures 'insaid anviladjacent to its edge adapted to receive a pinya lever having a forked end pii otally secured to said anvil, a nd aroller carried by saidfo'rked endgadapted to engage a pipe and conform the same to said anvil, substantially as specified; siglied atfthecity of Seattle, in the county "of King; State of l vashin gton, on this 123th day of July, one thousand nine hundred and seventeen. I I i i RQBERE BfSP-EN GER. itnesses1"" f J. C0sTELLo," JdsErH '-M. TAYr,oR.

addressih g the Commissioner =of Ieten'tl;

of sa-idi lugs? and adapted

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