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Publication numberUS1163196 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date7 Dec 1915
Filing date20 Mar 1915
Priority date20 Mar 1915
Publication numberUS 1163196 A, US 1163196A, US-A-1163196, US1163196 A, US1163196A
InventorsEdward H Angle
Original AssigneeEdward H Angle
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Dental pliers.
US 1163196 A
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Patented Dec. 7, 1915.


' nnwnnnn auetn, or sewmapoa, conn'ncricnm.

, DENTAL 'rLInns.

To all whom it may concern V Be it known that I, EDWARD H. ANGLE, a citizen of the United States,;.and a resident of New London, in the county of New London and State of Connecticut, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Dental Pliers, ofwhich the 'following is a specification, reference ibeing'had to the accompanying drawings.

My invention relates particularly itO that class of pliers which are designed for use in connection with the art of orthodontia, and

is directed especially to the means for holds ing a tooth-band while being applied to con form to a tooth to which it is to be subsequently attached.

' In the art of orthodontia' it is highly essential that the tooth-band shall be drawn extremely taut around the tooth to which it is to be adapted, so that it may be caused to accurately conform thereto around approximately one-half of the tooth, while'being shaped around the other half by any suitable form of tool, such as my dental pliers shown in United States Patent No. 610,840,

granted to me September 13, 1898, and as I the metal of which tooth-bands are composedis rare and consequently expensive, it is desirable that the strips forming the bands may be as short as possible to avoid waste. I

It is the principal object of my invention to provide pliers for holding a tooth-band,

which are adapted to present it in a position convenient to be applied to any tooth of the dental arch, and to firmly grasp the extreme ends of the strip forming the band, in such manner that the greatest possible stress may be tensilely applied thereto without the possibility of its accidental release by slipping.

Another object of my invention is to provide band-holding pliers so formed as to afford the free and unobstructed use of a' band-forming tool.

My invention also includes all of the various novel features, of construction and a1- gaicilgement hereinafter more definitely speci- In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 is a perspective view of apair of pliers conveniently embodying my invention; Fig. 2

is a plan View of the pliers shown in Fig. 1;

p Specificatio i'of Ii ttersra' ent. Application filed March;20,"1915. Serial No.15 ,859.

Patented Dec.

Fig-3 is a side elevationail view of said pliers as viewed from they lower side of Fig. 2;..and F ig. 4: is a transverse sectional View of the beaks taken adjacent to the freeends I thereof, on the line 4.lflin'Fig. 3, and passing longitudinally through the-tooth-band held thereby. T I

In said figures, the relatively movable members 5 and 6'forming the pliers are pivoted at 7, and respectively I have the rearwardly extending handles 9 and 10, and forwardlyextending opposed jaws 12 and 13, which have beaks 1'5 and 16 extended later-.

ally, preferably in forwardly directed, ob-

sertion of the Strip forming the'tooth-band 21, whose ends are brought together to form the bight 22, embracing the tooth 23, and extended through one of said slits 17 or 18 with its extreme terminal portions 24 and 25 respectively bent outwardly in the plane of occlusion of the beaks 15 and 16, as shown in Figs. 2 and 4.

It will be obvious that the grippingbite of the pliers upon the tooth-band is not in the plane of the stress upon the band, but

is transverse thereto, thus affording a firm hold thereon which isinsured against accidental slipping so long as the beaks 15 and 16 are forced in the direction tending to effect occlusion of said beaks.

It is desirable that the bent terminal portions 24 and 25 shall be as short as practicable, and preferably of uniform length, and for this purpose one of the handles 9 or 10 may be provided with the recess 27 into which the end of the strip forming the band may be thrust and bent transversely into. the form best shown in Fig. 4.

It may be here notedthat the provision of a slit in each of the beaks 15 and 16 enables the operator to use the band-holding pliers either right or left hand, and upon either the upper or lower teeth With convenience, and that the. slight forward slant of sald beaks 15- and 16 affords easy access to any tooth of the dental arch, With the hand of the operator holding the band-hold ng pliers, out of the'Way of'the'hand manipu-' lating the forming tool.-

I do not desire to limit my invention to the precise details of construction and arrangement herein set forth, as it is obvious that various modifications maybe made,- therein Without departing from the esseh tiarl features ofmy invention as defined :in

the appended claims.

tended laterally, :and provided with slits Copies of this patent m ay be obtained for Witnesses:

broadening tovvard the outer edgesof said b ak ' 3. A pair oif'pliers having-its beaks eX- tended laterally, and'having transverse slits openingthrough their; free ends. 4'.-'A-pair -of pliersforholding a toothand' provided With slits extended transextend, With its terminals bent in the plane of occlusion of said beaks, and a recess in the handle of said pliers for holdinga the terminals of said hand While being bent.

In Witness-.-Whereof, I have hereunto set my-hand thislSth day: of March A. 1).,


HOWARD ELLsWoRTH ROWLANDp fiveeents each, by addressing the Commissioner iii Patents, Vil'ashington', 1L0. l

pband, having its beaks extended laterally, V

I versely, through Which the ends oisaidband I "E W l

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U.S. Classification433/159, 433/4
International ClassificationA61C7/04
Cooperative ClassificationA61C7/04
European ClassificationA61C7/04