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Publication numberEP0274240 A3
Publication typeApplication
Application numberEP19870310851
Publication date26 Oct 1988
Filing date10 Dec 1987
Priority date22 Dec 1986
Also published asEP0274240A2
Publication number1987310851, 87310851, 87310851.8, EP 0274240 A3, EP 0274240A3, EP-A3-0274240, EP0274240 A3, EP0274240A3, EP19870310851, EP87310851
InventorsDesire Loustau
ApplicantEubanks Engineering Co.
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Wire processing system
EP 0274240 A3
A wire processing system, comprises:
  • a) structure to advance a wire of selected cross- section generally endwise toward a primary station, the wire having a forward portion;
  • b) a wire deformer at the primary station to form at least one bend in the advancing wire;
  • c) a clamp at the primary station to clamp the forward portion of the wire that has passed the deformer;
  • d) a cutter to sever the wire after a selected length of wire has advanced past the cutter, whereby a wire section of predetermined length is formed;
  • e) and conveyor apparatus operable to grip the formed wire section and the convey that section along a generally longitudinally extending travel path away from the primary station after the clamp releases the wire, and with at least one end of the formed wire section presented laterally for processing, as for example insulation stripping and attachment of terminals to stripped wire ends. Wire sections of the same or different bend configuration may be controllably spaced on and by the conveyor apparatus.
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International ClassificationB21F11/00, B21F23/00, H01R43/28, B21F1/00
Cooperative ClassificationB21F1/00, B21F23/005, B21F11/00, H01R43/28
European ClassificationH01R43/28, B21F23/00D, B21F11/00, B21F1/00
Legal Events
13 Jul 1988AKDesignated contracting states:
Kind code of ref document: A2
Designated state(s): AT BE CH DE ES FR GB GR IT LI LU NL SE
26 Oct 1988AKDesignated contracting states:
Kind code of ref document: A3
Designated state(s): AT BE CH DE ES FR GB GR IT LI LU NL SE
29 Mar 198917PRequest for examination filed
Effective date: 19890119
6 Mar 199117QFirst examination report
Effective date: 19910123
29 Dec 199318DDeemed to be withdrawn
Effective date: 19930615
8 Aug 2007RIN1Inventor (correction)
Inventor name: LOUSTAU, DESIRE