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Publication numberDE69920023 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1999620023
Publication date14 Oct 2004
Filing date5 Aug 1999
Priority date5 Aug 1998
Also published asDE69920023T2, DE69928453D1, DE69928453T2, DE69928453T3, EP1102963A1, EP1102963B1, EP1327851A1, EP1327851B1, EP1327851B2, EP1645842A2, EP1645842A3, EP1645842B1, EP2439489A2, EP2439489A3, EP2439489B1, US6697164, US6940611, US7092107, US7230725, US7477402, US7630089, US7796277, US7944569, US7990548, US8310683, US8638447, US8638448, US9089277, US9615901, US20040090638, US20050264828, US20060158665, US20070109559, US20090148807, US20090153879, US20100165357, US20100165358, US20110279825, US20130094031, US20130177866, US20140104620, US20150282903, US20170196664, WO2000008415A1
Publication number1999620023, 99620023, DE 69920023 D1, DE 69920023D1, DE-D1-69920023, DE1999620023, DE69920023 D1, DE69920023D1, DE99620023
InventorsNoam Babayoff, Isaia Glaser-Inbari
ApplicantCadent Ltd
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Vermessen eines dreidimensionalen körpers durch konfokale fokussierung einer matrix von lichtstrahlen Measuring a three-dimensional body by confocal focusing a matrix of beams translated from German
DE 69920023 D1
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International ClassificationA61B5/107, G01B11/24, A61C9/00, A61B1/24, A61C13/00
Cooperative ClassificationA61B1/00096, A61C5/77, A61C9/0066, A61B1/06, G01B11/24, A61C9/0053, A61B5/4547, A61B5/0064, A61B5/0088, A61B5/1077, A61C13/0004, G01B11/25, A61B1/24
European ClassificationA61B5/00P1A, G01B11/24, A61B5/107L, A61C13/00C1, A61B5/00P12D, A61C9/00E3L5, G01B11/25
Legal Events
8 Sep 20058363Opposition against the patent
1 Jul 20108331Complete revocation