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Publication numberDE69800795 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1998600795
Publication date21 Jun 2001
Filing date9 Jan 1998
Priority date14 Jan 1997
Also published asCA2275946A1, DE69800795T2, EP0952896A1, EP0952896B1, US6185969, WO1998031484A1
Publication number1998600795, 98600795, DE 69800795 D1, DE 69800795D1, DE-D1-69800795, DE1998600795, DE69800795 D1, DE69800795D1, DE98600795
InventorsPhilippe Jaubert
ApplicantRobolix Cologne
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Vorrichtung zum biegen von rohren mit kleinen durchmesser Device for bending tubes with small diameter translated from German
DE 69800795 D1
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International ClassificationB21D11/00, B21D7/02, B21D11/06
Cooperative ClassificationB21D7/021, B21D11/06
European ClassificationB21D11/06, B21D7/02B
Legal Events
12 Aug 20048328Change in the person/name/address of the agent
Representative=s name: KEHL & ETTMAYR, PATENTANWäLTE, 81679 MüNCHEN
17 Nov 20058339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee