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Publication numberDE69327661 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1993627661
Publication date24 Feb 2000
Filing date9 Nov 1993
Priority date9 Nov 1992
Also published asDE69327661T2, EP0667753A1, EP0667753B1, US5683243, US6015289, US6244861, US6616444, US20020006597, US20040115586, WO1994010935A1
Publication number1993627661, 93627661, DE 69327661 D1, DE 69327661D1, DE-D1-69327661, DE1993627661, DE69327661 D1, DE69327661D1, DE93627661
InventorsA Andreiko, A Payne
ApplicantOrmco Corp
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Verfahren und vorrichtung zum herstellen von individuell angepasstenorthodontischen einrichtungen Method and apparatus for the manufacture of custom angepasstenorthodontischen facilities translated from German
DE 69327661 D1
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Referenced by
Citing PatentFiling datePublication dateApplicantTitle
US807048731 Oct 20076 Dec 2011Align Technology, Inc.System and method for positioning teeth
US90608298 Jun 200723 Jun 2015Align Technology, Inc.Systems and method for management and delivery of orthodontic treatment
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International ClassificationA61C13/097, A61C9/00, A61C7/28, A61C7/20, A61C7/00, A61C7/14, A61C13/00, A61C7/12, A61C7/16
Cooperative ClassificationA61C7/002, A61C9/0046, A61C7/12, A61C2007/004, A61C7/145, A61C3/00, A61C7/00, A61C7/146, A61C7/20, B33Y80/00, A61C7/16, A61C13/097, A61C13/0004
European ClassificationA61C7/20, A61C7/00, A61C7/14P, A61C7/12, A61C7/16, A61C13/00C1
Legal Events
8 Feb 20018364No opposition during term of opposition