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Publication numberDE60334746 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE2003634746
Publication date9 Dec 2010
Filing date11 Feb 2003
Priority date13 Feb 2002
Also published asCA2476264A1, CA2476264C, DE60324770D1, EP1474064A2, EP1474064B1, EP1702582A2, EP1702582A3, EP1702582B1, EP1844730A1, EP1844730B1, EP1941842A2, EP1941842A3, EP2762105A1, EP2772222A1, EP2772222B1, EP2949286A1, EP2949289A1, EP2949289B1, US6776614, US7811087, US7850451, US8057226, US20030152884, US20050003321, US20050158686, US20070015104, US20120015315, US20140363782, WO2003068099A2, WO2003068099A3
Publication number03634746, 2003634746, DE 60334746 D1, DE 60334746D1, DE-D1-60334746, DE03634746, DE2003634746, DE60334746 D1, DE60334746D1
InventorsRalf Paehl, Thomas Weise, Rudger Rubbert
ApplicantT O P Service Fuer Lingualtech
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Verfahren zu Herstellung von kundengebundenen orthodontischen Vorrichtungen Process for the preparation of customized orthodontic appliances translated from German
DE 60334746 D1
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International ClassificationA61C7/16, A61C7/28, A61C7/14, A61C13/00, A61B19/00, A61C7/00, G06F17/50
Cooperative ClassificationB33Y50/00, B33Y80/00, A61C13/0004, A61C7/002, A61C7/148, A61C7/16, A61C7/145, A61C7/20, A61C7/141
European ClassificationA61C13/00C1, A61C7/14L