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Publication numberDE602007011704 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE200760011704
Publication date17 Feb 2011
Filing date25 Sep 2007
Priority date3 Oct 2006
Also published asEP1908537A1, EP1908537B1, US7878038, US20080078226
Publication number0760011704, 200760011704, DE 2007/60011704 D1, DE 602007011704 D1, DE 602007011704D1, DE-D1-602007011704, DE0760011704, DE2007/60011704D1, DE200760011704, DE602007011704 D1, DE602007011704D1
InventorsAntonios Anagnostopoulos
ApplicantAntonios Anagnostopoulos
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Verfahren und System zur Produktion von dreidimensionalen Produkten aus Draht A method and system for producing three-dimensional products from wire translated from German
DE 602007011704 D1
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International ClassificationB21F1/00, B21D11/12
Cooperative ClassificationB21F1/00, B21F1/006, B21D11/12
European ClassificationB21D11/12, B21F1/00, B21F1/00F