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Publication numberDE602005004332 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE200560004332
Publication date6 Mar 2008
Filing date17 Jun 2005
Priority date17 Jun 2004
Also published asDE602005004332T2, DE602005009432D1, EP1607041A2, EP1607041A3, EP1607041B1, EP1607064A2, EP1607064A3, EP1607064B1, US7319529, US7511829, US7698068, US7724378, US8102538, US8363228, US8451456, US8675207, US8885175, US9101433, US9404740, US20050283065, US20060001739, US20080024768, US20090153858, US20100208275, US20120092678, US20130070985, US20130243284, US20140119622, US20150022824, US20150297329, US20160295191
Publication number0560004332, 200560004332, DE 2005/60004332 D1, DE 602005004332 D1, DE 602005004332D1, DE-D1-602005004332, DE0560004332, DE2005/60004332D1, DE200560004332, DE602005004332 D1, DE602005004332D1
InventorsNoam Babayoff
ApplicantCadent Ltd
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Verfahren zum Bereitstellen von Daten im Zusammenhang mit der Mundhöhle A method for providing data related to the oral cavity translated from German
DE 602005004332 D1
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International ClassificationA61C13/00, A61B5/107, G01J3/50, A61B5/00, A61B1/04, A61B1/24, A61C9/00, G01B11/24, A61C19/04, A61B5/05, G01J3/02, A61B1/247
Cooperative ClassificationG06T7/12, G06T7/90, A61B5/0068, G01B11/25, H04N13/0271, H04N13/0037, A61C19/04, A61B5/1079, A61C9/0053, A61C13/0004, H01L27/14868, G01N21/255, G06T7/0012, H04N13/0296, H04N13/0257, H04N13/0207, G06T2207/30036, G06T2207/10028, G06T2207/10024, G01J3/51, G01J3/508, G01J3/501, G01J3/50, G01J3/462, G01J3/10, G01J3/0256, G01J3/0243, G01J3/0224, G01J3/0218, G01J3/0216, G01J3/0208, G01J3/0205, G01J3/02, G01B11/24, A61C9/0066, A61B5/1077, A61B5/0088, A61B1/247, A61B1/24, A61B1/0684, A61B1/0676, A61B1/0646, A61B1/0638, A61B1/0615, A61B1/00096, A61B1/00009
European ClassificationA61B1/24, A61B1/247, A61B1/06R6, A61B1/00E4H7, A61B1/06J, A61B1/06R4, A61B1/06D, G01J3/02, G06T7/40C, G06T7/00S2, A61B1/00C1D, A61B5/00P12D, G01J3/02B5, G01J3/02B6, G01J3/50B, G01J3/50T, G01J3/02B13, G01J3/02B1, G01J3/02B4, H04N13/02Y, G01J3/02B, G01J3/02C, G01J3/10, H04N13/02A1, H04N13/02B, A61B5/107L, G01J3/50, G01B11/24
Legal Events
12 Feb 20098364No opposition during term of opposition