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Publication numberDE602004015897 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE200460015897
Publication date2 Oct 2008
Filing date3 Aug 2004
Priority date4 Aug 2003
Also published asEP1505425A1, EP1505425B1, US7030383, US7214946, US7838816, US8476581, US9651419, US20050029464, US20060097178, US20070164203, US20110031384, US20130256517, US20170211972
Publication number0460015897, 200460015897, DE 2004/60015897 D1, DE 602004015897 D1, DE 602004015897D1, DE-D1-602004015897, DE0460015897, DE2004/60015897D1, DE200460015897, DE602004015897 D1, DE602004015897D1
InventorsNoam Babayoff
ApplicantCadent Ltd
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Vorrichtung und Verfahren zur Verminderung von Speckle Device and method for reduction of speckle translated from German
DE 602004015897 D1
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International ClassificationG02B21/00, G02B27/48, G03H1/32
Cooperative ClassificationG03H1/32, G02B27/48, G02B21/008, G02B21/006, G02B21/0056, G01J1/0448
European ClassificationG02B21/00M4A7C, G02B21/00M4A7F, G02B27/48, G03H1/32, G02B21/00M4A9
Legal Events
10 Sep 20098364No opposition during term of opposition