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Publication numberDE60111833 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE2001611833
Publication date11 Aug 2005
Filing date4 Apr 2001
Priority date4 Apr 2000
Also published asEP1268101A1, EP1268101B1, US6857303, US20030029215, WO2001074512A1
Publication number01611833, 2001611833, DE 60111833 D1, DE 60111833D1, DE-D1-60111833, DE01611833, DE2001611833, DE60111833 D1, DE60111833D1
InventorsYves Latour
ApplicantNumalliance Saint Michel Sur M
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Vorrichtung zum biegen und verdrehen von flachem metalldraht Apparatus for bending and twisting of flat metal wire translated from German
DE 60111833 D1
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International ClassificationB21F7/00, B21F1/00, B21D11/14
Cooperative ClassificationB21D11/14, B21F1/00, B21F7/00, B21F1/006
European ClassificationB21F7/00, B21F1/00, B21D11/14, B21F1/00F
Legal Events
8 Jun 20068332No legal effect for de