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Publication numberDE59003226 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1990503226
Publication date2 Dec 1993
Filing date30 Aug 1990
Priority date20 Sep 1989
Also published asCA2042025A1, EP0419443A1, EP0419443B1, US5193378, WO1991004112A1
Publication number1990503226, 90503226, DE 59003226 D1, DE 59003226D1, DE-D1-59003226, DE1990503226, DE59003226 D1, DE59003226D1, DE90503226
InventorsKlaus Dipl Ing Ritter, Gerhard Dr Dipl Ing Ritter, Gerhard Dipl Ing Schmidt
ApplicantEvg Entwicklung Verwert Ges
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Vorrichtung zum Biegen von stabf÷rmigem Material zu Betonbewehrungselementen. Apparatus for bending rod-shaped material to concrete reinforcing elements. translated from German
DE 59003226 D1
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International ClassificationB21D7/12, B21D7/024
Cooperative ClassificationB21D7/12
European ClassificationB21D7/12
Legal Events
24 Nov 19948364No opposition during term of opposition
8 Aug 19968339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee