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Publication numberDE3442158 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19843442158
Publication date28 May 1986
Filing date17 Nov 1984
Priority date17 Nov 1984
Publication number19843442158, 843442158, DE 3442158 A1, DE 3442158A1, DE-A1-3442158, DE19843442158, DE3442158 A1, DE3442158A1, DE843442158
InventorsRudi Koerner
ApplicantRudi Koerner
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Method and device for milling dental prostheses
DE 3442158 A1
A method for milling dental prostheses, especially crowns and bridges on residual teeth (22), utilises a milling tool (15) movable in three planes and driven by a motor (14), which can be used to reduce the wall thickness of the dental prosthesis. The movement of the milling tool (15) and the relative position thereof to the residual teeth (22) is displayed on a screen or monitor (19) via a contact pin (16) which is directly or indirectly connected with the milling tool and is guided on a contact plate (17) transmitting the movement of the contact pin. <IMAGE>
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International ClassificationA61C13/00
Cooperative ClassificationA61C13/0003
European ClassificationA61C13/00C
Legal Events
28 May 1986OP8Request for examination as to paragraph 44 patent law
7 Sep 19898131Rejection