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Publication numberDE3235718 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19823235718
Publication date1 Jun 1983
Filing date27 Sep 1982
Priority date28 Sep 1981
Also published asUS4553138
Publication number19823235718, 823235718, DE 3235718 A1, DE 3235718A1, DE-A1-3235718, DE19823235718, DE3235718 A1, DE3235718A1, DE823235718
InventorsYoshitaka Nakanishi, Hiroshi Nakanishi, Takashi Nakanishi
ApplicantNakanishi Electronics Co
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Feuermeldeanlage Fire alarm system translated from German
DE 3235718 A1
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Patent Citations
Cited PatentFiling datePublication dateApplicantTitle
DE2345910A1 *12 Sep 197320 Mar 1975Peter PetersAnti-fire spreading alarm systems - use thermostats with appropriate leads in conduits, which can accelerate warning of fire break-out
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US3932849 *24 Jun 197413 Jan 1976General Electric CompanySelf-contained, condition responsive circuit
US4258359 *14 Nov 197824 Mar 1981Mclamb PhilipPortable protective device
International ClassificationG08B25/01, G08B19/00, G08B21/04, G08B13/00, G08B17/00
Cooperative ClassificationG08B25/016, G08B21/0461, G08B21/043, G08B17/00, G08B21/0446
European ClassificationG08B21/04S1, G08B21/04S3, G08B21/04A3, G08B17/00, G08B25/01D
Legal Events
1 Jun 1983OP8Request for examination as to paragraph 44 patent law
3 Apr 19868131Rejection