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Publication numberDE29619058 U1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1996219058
Publication date13 Mar 1997
Filing date2 Nov 1996
Priority date9 Sep 1996
Also published asUS5791184
Publication number1996219058, 96219058, DE 29619058 U1, DE 29619058U1, DE-U1-29619058, DE1996219058, DE29619058 U1, DE29619058U1, DE96219058
ApplicantWu Chin Tu
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Maschine zum Herstellen von Federn A machine for making springs translated from German
DE 29619058 U1
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International ClassificationB21F35/00, B21F3/06
Cooperative ClassificationB21F35/00, B21F3/06
European ClassificationB21F35/00, B21F3/06
Legal Events
24 Apr 1997R207Utility model specification
Effective date: 19970424
11 Jan 2001R156Lapse of ip right after 3 years
Effective date: 20000901