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Publication numberDE2918813 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19792918813
Publication date20 Nov 1980
Filing date10 May 1979
Priority date10 May 1979
Publication number19792918813, 792918813, DE 2918813 A1, DE 2918813A1, DE-A1-2918813, DE19792918813, DE2918813 A1, DE2918813A1, DE792918813
InventorsErwin Krause
ApplicantBrueninghaus Gmbh Stahlwerke
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Bending machine for metal bars or tubes - has horizontally movable pillars supporting respective anvils on which workpiece is bent via rollers on lever arms
DE 2918813 A1
On the machine bed are two pillars which can be moved horizontally towards or away from each other to suit the length of the workpiece, e.g. a metal bar; and each pillar supports an anvil on which the bar rests. Above each anvil is a roller forming a bending die, and a lever moving another roller to bend the bar round the die. In the space between the two pillars is a clamp used either to hold the bar or to rotate it through a desired angle. Useful in the automatic mfr. of antiroll bars for cars. Each pillar (27) supports anvil (11) on which bar (12) rests. Two work cylinders (14) each move a lever arm (15) carrying a bending roller (16), which bends bar (12) onto roller die (32) so two bends are made simultaneously or successively. Clamp (13) includes a pneumatic cylinder (45) pressing two clamping rollers (42) against bar (12), but the clamping pressure can be partly released so a hand lever can rotate bar (12) through a desired angle between bending operations.
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International ClassificationB21D7/022
Cooperative ClassificationB21D7/022
European ClassificationB21D7/022
Legal Events
25 Nov 19828127New person/name/address of the applicant
4 Apr 19858110Request for examination paragraph 44
6 Aug 19878131Rejection