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Publication numberDE2905841 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19792905841
Publication date21 Aug 1980
Filing date15 Feb 1979
Priority date15 Feb 1979
Also published asDE2905841C2, US4356614, US4462237
Publication number19792905841, 792905841, DE 2905841 A1, DE 2905841A1, DE-A1-2905841, DE19792905841, DE2905841 A1, DE2905841A1, DE792905841
InventorsJosef Kaeuferle, Werner Lutzke
ApplicantKaeuferle Stahlbau J
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Verfahren und vorrichtung zur herstellung von verbundplatten, insbesondere verbundglasscheiben Method and apparatus for manufacturing composite panels, especially laminated-glass windscreens translated from German
DE 2905841 A1
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International ClassificationE06B3/673, B21D53/74
Cooperative ClassificationE06B3/67365, E06B3/67326, E06B3/67369, B21D53/74, Y10T29/49826, E06B3/67304, E06B3/67313, E06B3/67321, Y10T29/49906, E06B3/67317
European ClassificationB21D53/74, E06B3/673B, E06B3/673F
Legal Events
21 Aug 1980OAPRequest for examination filed
25 Sep 1980ODRequest for examination
19 Apr 1984AGHas addition no.
Ref country code: DE
Ref document number: 2941131
Format of ref document f/p: P
19 Apr 1984D2Grant after examination
11 Oct 19848364No opposition during term of opposition
13 Feb 19868339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee