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Publication numberDE1752693 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19681752693
Publication date18 Mar 1971
Filing date3 Jul 1968
Priority date5 Jul 1967
Also published asUS3563283
Publication number19681752693, 681752693, DE 1752693 A1, DE 1752693A1, DE-A1-1752693, DE1752693 A1, DE1752693A1, DE19681752693, DE681752693
InventorsTuefektschiev Georgi Dimitrov
ApplicantMash Zd Mir
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Automat mit Elektroprogrammsteuerung fuer die Erzeugung von Buegeln und Bewehrungselementen Automatic with electric control program for the production of ironing and reinforcing elements translated from German
DE 1752693 A1
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International ClassificationG05B19/10, G05B19/04, B21D11/12
Cooperative ClassificationG05B19/0405, B21D11/12, G05B19/104
European ClassificationG05B19/04D, B21D11/12, G05B19/10I1