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Publication numberDE1189831 B
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE1958R0024674
Publication date25 Mar 1965
Filing date27 Dec 1958
Priority date31 Dec 1957
Publication numberDE 1189831 B, DE 1189831B, DE-B-1189831, DE1189831 B, DE1189831B, DE1958R0024674
InventorsRoger Fraudin
ApplicantR A S Sa Francaise
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Steuervorrichtung an Stangen- oder Rohrbiegemaschinen Controller to bar or tube bending machines translated from German
DE 1189831 B
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Patent Citations
Cited PatentFiling datePublication dateApplicantTitle
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US2382745 *31 Oct 194214 Aug 1945Douglas Aircraft Co IncBending machine
US2777500 *4 Mar 195515 Jan 1957Flexonics CorpTube bending apparatus and method
International ClassificationB21D7/12
Cooperative ClassificationB21D7/12
European ClassificationB21D7/12