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Publication numberCN202162308 U
Publication typeGrant
Application numberCN 201120215330
Publication date14 Mar 2012
Filing date23 Jun 2011
Priority date23 Jun 2011
Publication number201120215330.4, CN 201120215330, CN 202162308 U, CN 202162308U, CN-U-202162308, CN201120215330, CN201120215330.4, CN202162308 U, CN202162308U
Inventors宋虎生, 李祖安, 赵志河, 钱玉芬, 黄伟红
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Individuation arch wire bent clamp
CN 202162308 U
The utility model discloses an individuation arch wire bent clamp, which comprises a fixed clamping unit and a rotating unit mutually connected, and the rotating unit can be rotated around the fixed clamping unit. In the individuation arch wire bent clamp, a bent point of an individuation arch wire can be confirmed through the fixed clamping unit and the rotating unit, and is fixed by the fixed clamping unit, the other end of the arch wire is rotated and pressed by the rotating unit, and a lever can be formed, a force is applied to the upside of the arch wire, and the arch wire can be bent and deformed; the bent point can be changed according to the sequence, and a custom-made individuation arch wire can be bent and produced. The individuation arch wire bent clamp has the advantage of simple structure, is easy to operate, and can be used for bending and producing the individuation arch wire.
Claims(4)  translated from Chinese
1. 一种个性化弓丝弯制夹具,其特征在于:其包括互相联接的固定夹持单元和旋转单元,所述旋转单元可绕固定夹持单元旋转。 A personalized archwire bending jig, characterized in that: it comprises gripping means coupled to each other and fixed to the rotary unit, the rotary unit is rotatable about a fixed rotation clamp means.
2.根据权利要求1所述的个性化弓丝弯制夹具,其特征在于:其包括固定轴(1),所述固定轴(1)末端端面上开有弓丝槽(11),由此构成所述固定夹持单元;所述固定轴(1)的外部套有与其同轴的轴套(2),轴套(2)的末端端面上设有凸台(21)并由此构成所述旋转单兀。 The personalized archwire bending clamp according to claim 1, characterized in that: it comprises a stationary shaft (1), said stationary shaft (1) has a terminal end face opening archwire slot (11), whereby constituting said fixed holding means; said stationary shaft (1) has a coaxial outer sleeve of the sleeve (2), the sleeve (2) is provided with an end face of the end projection (21) and thereby constituting Wu said rotation unit.
3.根据权利要求2所述的个性化弓丝弯制夹具,其特征在于:所述凸台(21)与固定轴(1)的末端的外壁之间留有间隙形成导向槽(3)。 Personalized according to claim archwire bending jig 2, characterized in that: a gap between the end of the projection (21) and the fixed shaft (1) is formed in the outer wall of the guide groove (3).
4.根据权利要求2所述的个性化弓丝弯制夹具,其特征在于:其还包括压盘(4),所述压盘(4)套在固定轴(1)或轴套(2)的外围,压盘(4)的上方设有锁紧螺母(5)。 Personalized according to claim arch wire bending jig 2, characterized in that: it further comprises a pressure plate (4), the pressure plate (4) sets the fixed shaft (1) or sleeve (2) top of the periphery, the pressure plate (4) is provided with a locking nut (5).
Description  translated from Chinese

一种个性化弓丝弯制夹具 A personalized arch wire bending jig

技术领域 Technical Field

[0001] 本实用新型涉及一种牙齿正畸矫治器所用的弓丝的弯制工具,特别是一种个性化弓丝的弯制夹具。 [0001] The invention relates to an orthodontic arch wire appliance used by the bending tool, especially a personalized arch wire bending fixture.

背景技术 Background

[0002] 个性化舌侧矫治技术带给人们舒适的矫治过程和美观的矫治效果,近年来已经成为正畸技术中最领先和时尚的技术。 [0002] personalized lingual orthodontics technology to bring people comfort and aesthetic orthodontic treatment process results in recent years has become the most advanced orthodontic technology and modern technology. 其矫治过程中托槽与弓丝一般采用全尺寸配合,所以对托槽槽沟以及弓丝的精度要求很高,而个性化弓丝又完全依患者的牙齿舌面位置设计, 一般都是曲折多样,想要将原来直的弓丝原料弯制成特殊的、曲折的、精准的个性化弓丝, 其弯制的难度颇高。 Its treatment process brackets and arch wires commonly used with full-size, so the high slot on the bracket and arch wire precision, and personalized dental arch wire and completely in accordance with the patient's tongue position design, usually tortuous diverse, you want the original straight arch wire made of a special material bends, twists and turns, precise personalized arch wire, difficulty bending of its high. 目前个性化弓丝一般是利用六轴机械手弯制和手工弯制而成。 Currently personalization arch wire generally use six-axis robot bending and hand-crafted bent. 六轴机械手价格昂贵,并且因为弓丝尺寸或者内部组织细微的变化均会造成弓丝回弹量的不同, 所以在弯制过程中很难准确的控制精度,另外机械手在握紧弓丝折弯时,折弯段的弓丝会在弯制时被硬性拉长,导致弓丝内部组织被破坏,在矫治过程中容易被折断,给矫治带来风险。 Six-axis robot is expensive, and because the size of the wire or the subtle changes within the organization will result in a different amount of arch wire spring, so the bending process is difficult to accurately control precision, additional mechanical hand when gripping arch wire bending , arch wire bent segment will be stretched during the bending rigid, leading to the arch wire internal tissue is damaged, can easily be broken in the treatment process, to the treatment risks. 手工弯制弓丝弯制难度很大,对技工的要求很高,而且弯制需要的时间长,不适合大规模生产。 Hand bending the arch wire bending very difficult, very high demands for skilled workers, but also a long time bending required, not suitable for mass production.

实用新型内容 Utility Model Content

[0003] 本实用新型的目的,是为了提供一种弯制过程快速精准的个性化弓丝弯制夹具。 [0003] The purpose of this utility model is to provide a fast and accurate process of bending the arch wire bending personalized jig.

[0004] 本实用新型解决其技术问题的解决方案是: [0004] The utility model solves the technical solution to the problem is:

[0005] 一种个性化弓丝弯制夹具,其包括互相联接的固定夹持单元和旋转单元,所述旋转单元可绕固定夹持单元旋转。 [0005] A personalized arch wire bending jig, which includes a fixed clamping unit coupled to each other and rotating unit, the rotary unit is rotatable about a fixed clamping unit rotation.

[0006] 作为上述技术方案的进一步改进,本实用新型包括固定轴,所述固定轴末端端面上开有弓丝槽,由此构成所述固定夹持单元;所述固定轴的外部套有与其同轴的轴套,轴套的末端端面上设有凸台并由此构成所述旋转单元。 [0006] As a further modification of the above technical solution, the utility model comprises a fixed shaft, the fixed shaft end end surface of the archwire slot is opened, thereby constituting the fixed clamping unit; outer sleeve of the fixed shaft has its coaxial bushings, sleeve ends with a boss and an end face of which constitutes the rotary unit.

[0007] 作为上述技术方案的进一步改进,所述凸台与固定轴的末端的外壁之间留有间隙形成导向槽。 [0007] As a further improvement of the above-described aspect, the left end of the boss between the fixed shaft and the outer wall of the guide groove gap is formed.

[0008] 作为上述技术方案的进一步改进,其还包括压盘,所述压盘套在固定轴或轴套的外围,压盘的上方设有锁紧螺母。 [0008] As a further improvement of the technical proposal, which also includes a pressure plate, said pressure plate set in the periphery of the fixed shaft or sleeve, above the pressure plate provided with a locking nut.

[0009] 本实用新型的有益效果是:本实用新型通过设置固定夹持单元和旋转单元,使确定好个性化弓丝的弯折点后,将该处用固定夹持单元固定住,旋转单元旋转压迫弓丝的另一端,这样便构成一杠杆,施力至弓丝上面使其折弯变形;按照次序变换弯折点,便可弯制出定制的个性化弓丝。 [0009] The invention has the beneficial effects that: the utility model by setting a fixed clamping unit and the rotary unit that determines a good personalized arch wire bending point, the Department secured by fixed clamping unit, rotating unit the other end of the rotation arch wire oppression, this will constitute a lever, urging it to arch wire above bending deformation; bending point change in the order, you can bend the system out customized and personalized arch wire.

[0010] 另外,本实用新型是采用弓丝槽夹持弓丝、轴套凸台在外旋转压迫弓丝变形的弯制方式,结构简单,容易操作。 [0010] In addition, the utility model is the use of the archwire slot holding the arch wire, the boss of the outer sleeve rotating bending mode oppression arch wire deformation, simple structure, easy to operate.

[0011] 本实用新型可用于弯制个性化弓丝。 [0011] The utility model can be used to personalize the arch wire bending. 附图说明 Brief Description

[0012] 下面结合附图及实施例对本实用新型作进一步的说明。 [0012] The present utility model will be further described below in conjunction with the accompanying drawings and examples.

[0013] 图1是本实用新型工作时的仰视图,其中箭头表示轴套的旋转方向; [0013] FIG. 1 is a bottom view of the utility model at work, where the arrow indicates the direction of rotation of the sleeve;

[0014] 图2是本实用新型的轴测图,其中压盘处于局部剖状态; [0014] FIG. 2 is an isometric view of the utility model, in which the pressure plate in a partial cross-sectional state;

[0015] 图3是个性化弓丝的弯折图样。 [0015] FIG. 3 is a personalized arch wire is bent pattern.


[0016] 参照图1〜图2,一种个性化弓丝弯制夹具,其包括互相联接的固定夹持单元和旋转单元,所述旋转单元可绕固定夹持单元旋转。 [0016] Referring to FIG. 1 ~ FIG. 2, a personalized arch wire bending jig, which includes a fixed clamping unit coupled to each other and rotating unit, the rotary unit is rotatable about a fixed clamping unit rotation.

[0017] 进一步作为优选的实施方式,本实用新型包括固定轴1,所述固定轴1末端端面上开有弓丝槽11,由此构成所述固定夹持单元;所述固定轴1的外部套有与其同轴的轴套2, 轴套2的末端端面上设有凸台21并由此构成所述旋转单元。 [0017] As a further preferred embodiment, the present utility model comprises a fixed shaft 1, one end of the fixed shaft has an end surface of the opening archwire slot 11, thereby constituting the fixed clamp means; said stationary outer shaft 1 sheathed coaxial with the sleeve 2, the end of the end face of the sleeve 2 is provided with a boss 21 and thus constitute the rotary unit. 具体地,所述固定轴1可沿其轴向移动,这样便能更好地压住弓丝6,并且便于操控。 Specifically, the fixed shaft 1 along its axial movement, so better able to suppress the archwire 6, and easy to control.

[0018] 进一步作为优选的实施方式,所述凸台21与固定轴1的末端的外壁之间留有间隙形成导向槽3。 [0018] As a further preferred embodiment, the boss 21 is left between the end of the fixed shaft and a gap is formed in the outer wall of the guide groove 3. 导向槽3的预留,是为了使弓丝6在弯制的时候具有空间能够弯折,而不至于局部产生极度变形。 3 of the guide groove reserve is to make the arch wire 6 when bending can be bent with a space, which is not locally produced extreme deformation. 另外凸台21的边缘位置应该导圆角,防止折弯弓丝6时接触面积过小而破坏弓丝6,圆角大小可取R0. Imm〜0. 5mm。 Further projections edge position should guide 21-round, prevent 6:00 off the bow wire contact area is too small to damage the arch wire 6, fillet size advisable R0. Imm~0. 5mm.

[0019] 进一步作为优选的实施方式,其还包括压盘4,所述压盘4套在固定轴1或轴套2 的外围,压盘4的上方设有锁紧螺母5。 [0019] As a further preferred embodiment further includes a pressure plate 4, the platen 4 sets above the fixed shaft 1 or 2 of the peripheral sleeve, platen 4 is provided with a locking nut 5.

[0020] 本实用新型可与一工作台配套使用。 [0020] The utility model can be used with a table supporting the use. 所述工作台表面平整,可沿前后左右四个方向水平移动,并且工作台面能够在水平面上旋转。 The smooth surface of the table, along four directions horizontally moving around, and the work surface can be rotated in a horizontal plane. 工作台上有四个锁紧弓丝图纸的压片和一个锁紧弓丝6的夹头。 A pressure plate table four locking archwire drawings and a locking arch wire chuck 6.

[0021] 工作前,先准备好弓丝图纸,上面绘制有设计好的个性化弓丝的弯折图样(如图3 所示),利用压片固定住图纸。 Before the [0021] work, the first ready arch wire drawing, drawn, designed a personalized arch wire is bent pattern (Figure 3), using a tableting fixed drawing above.

[0022] 工作时,在图纸上放置待弯制的弓丝6并锁紧固定住,移动本实用新型的固定轴1 或者工作台面使弓丝槽11定位在弓丝6待弯折位置,压低轴套2至与工作台面平齐,并使凸台21位于弓丝6待弯折的方向,降低压盘4使其压紧弓丝6后用锁紧螺母5锁定,旋转轴套2使凸台21压迫弓丝6,让弓丝6沿导向槽3发生变形,弯折弓丝6至要求的角度后移动本实用新型至下一个待弯制点,如此循环。 When the [0022] work, to be placed on the drawing bending the arch wire 6 and the lock fixed, moving the utility model is fixed shaft 1 or the work surface so that the archwire slot 11 is positioned in the arch wire 6 to be folded position, down sleeve 2 to work surface and flush, and the boss 21 is located at the arch wire 6 to be bent in the direction to reduce the pressure plate 4 has its arch wire 6 after pressing the lock nut 5 with locking rotary sleeve 2 convex 21-oppression arch wire 6, so that the arch wire 6 along the guide groove 3 is deformed, bent arch wires to the required angle 6 after moving the utility model to be bending to the next point, and so on.

[0023] 以上是对本实用新型的较佳实施方式进行了具体说明,但本发明创造并不限于所述实施例,熟悉本领域的技术人员在不违背本实用新型精神的前提下还可作出种种的等同变形或替换,这些等同的变型或替换均包含在本申请权利要求所限定的范围内。 [0023] The utility model above is preferred embodiments have been specifically described, but the creation of the present invention is not limited to the embodiments, those skilled in the art without departing from the spirit of the premise of the utility model may also be made all kinds of equivalent replacement or modification, equivalent replacement or modifications of these are included within the application scope defined by the claims.

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