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Publication numberCN104959489 A
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCN 201510336597
Publication date7 Oct 2015
Filing date17 Jun 2015
Priority date4 Dec 2014
Also published asCN104959489B
Publication number201510336597.1, CN 104959489 A, CN 104959489A, CN 201510336597, CN-A-104959489, CN104959489 A, CN104959489A, CN201510336597, CN201510336597.1
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Straightening device for resistor winding machine
CN 104959489 A
The invention discloses a straightening device for a resistor winding machine. The straightening device for the resistor winding machine comprises an air cylinder, a bottom plate, material collecting blocks and straightening blocks. The air cylinder is detachably installed on the bottom plate. At least two material collecting blocks are arranged on a piston rod of the air cylinder. The straightening blocks are fixedly installed at the discharging position of the bottom plate. The material collecting blocks and the straightening blocks are matched and rub with one another. The straightening device has the advantages that before a resistor frame is machined, accurate straightening is carried out, a resistor is accurately conveyed to a welding point, and therefore the welding accuracy can be improved, the success rate of welding can be increased, and the welding quality is guaranteed.
Claims(3)  translated from Chinese
1.一种用于电阻绕线机的校直装置,其特征在于:包括气缸(21)、底板(22)、接料块(24)、校直块(25)和水平定位仪(26),气缸(21)可拆卸安装在底板(22)上;气缸(21)的活塞杆上至少设置有两个接料块(24);校直块(25)固定安装在底板(22)的出料出处;接料块(24)和校直块(25)相配相互摩擦;所述水平定位仪(26)设置在底板(22)的底部;所述水平定位仪(26)包括水平定位块(262)、水平调节螺母(261)和水平固定杆(263),所述水平定位块(262)四方阵列设置在底板(22)的底部;水平固定杆(263)贯通于底板(22);水平定位块(262)通过水平固定杆(263)与水平调节螺母(261)连接;水平调节螺母(261)设置在底板(22)左右两个边缘;还包括接料块安装板(23),所述接料块安装板(23)安装在气缸(21)的活塞杆上,接料块(24)通过接料块安装板(23)与气缸(21)的活塞杆连接。 1. A method for correcting the resistance winding machine straight apparatus comprising: a cylinder (21), a bottom plate (22), splice block (24), straightening block (25) and horizontal positioning instrument (26) , a cylinder (21) is detachably mounted on the base plate (22); the cylinder (21) is provided with at least two rod splice block (24); straightening block (25) fixedly mounted on the base plate (22) of the source material; splice block (24) and straightening block (25) Matches mutual friction; the horizontal positioning instrument (26) provided at the bottom plate (22); the horizontal positioning instrument (26) comprises a horizontal positioning block ( 262), the level adjusting nut (261) and the horizontal fixing bars (263), said horizontal positioning block (262) arranged in an array of four base plate (22); horizontal stationary rod (263) through the base plate (22); level positioning block (262) by adjusting the level of the horizontal fixing bars (263) a nut (261) is connected; leveling nut (261) disposed on the base plate (22) left and right edges; splice block further comprises a mounting plate (23), the said splice block mounting plate (23) mounted on the cylinder (21) of the piston rod, splice block (24) via splice block mounting plate (23) and the cylinder (21) connected to the piston rod.
2.根据权利要求1所述的用于电阻绕线机的校直装置,其特征在于:所述接料块安装板(23)的上平面均匀的设有多个接料块安装孔。 2. The apparatus according to school straight for the resistance of the winding machine according to claim 1, characterized in that: a slug mounting plate (23) on the plane homogeneous blocks of a plurality of mounting holes of the splice connection.
3.根据权利要求1所述的用于电阻绕线机的校直装置,其特征在于:所述底板(22)的出料处设有“V”形出料口,“V”形出料口位于校直块(25)的下面。 3. The school for the resistance of the winding machine 1 direct means, characterized in that claim: the base plate (22) provided at a discharge "V" shaped spout, "V" shaped discharge port is located below straightening block (25).
Description  translated from Chinese
一种用于电阻绕线机的校直装置 A correction for straight-resistance means winding machine


[0001] 本发明属于电子元器件的制造技术领域,尤其涉及一种用于电阻绕线机的校直装置。 [0001] The present invention belongs to the technical field of manufacturing of electronic components, in particular it relates to a resistance winding machine straightening device.

背景技术 Background technique

[0002] 电阻器尤其是线绕精密电阻器由于运行可靠,有优异的电阻温度系数和良好的稳定性,无电流噪声,无非线性的优点,在各种飞行器、雷达、导弹及电子干扰、电子对抗、导航等领域的武器装备中进一步得到广泛地使用,近几年更出现了片式线绕电阻这一更广阔的应用前景。 [0002] Resistors Wirewound precision resistors, especially since the reliable operation and excellent temperature coefficient of resistance and good stability, no current noise, no nonlinear advantages in a variety of aircraft, radar, missiles and electronic jamming, electronic confrontation, navigation and other areas of further weapons are widely used in recent years there have been more chip wirewound resistors the broader application prospects. 但由于国内企业受到各种技术条件和水平的限制,生产出来的精密线绕电阻质量稳定性差、精度底、体积大、性能一致性差,难以满足军用电子装备对质量和数量的需求。 But because it is limited technical conditions and the level of precision wirewound resistors produced poor quality stability, precision end, bulky, performance consistency is poor, can not meet the needs of military electronic equipment quality and quantity. 一般电阻器的制造会经过如图1所示的生产过程,电阻骨架91 一般要经过下料、校直、送料、绕线焊接和下件检查等步骤才能制作完成,其各个工艺步骤有相应的全自动或半自动装置实施,上述实施个工艺步骤的装置整合在同一机架上即为电阻绕线机,在上述工艺步骤中,绕线焊接一直是一个难点,其配套的装置一直未能实现全自动焊接,并且焊接质量也不好,产品的一致性比较差,这是因为绕线机的难点在于对于微细的电阻丝92的焊接成功率低及其绕制精度不高。 General manufacturing will go through the resistor in Figure 1 shows the production process, generally after 91 resistance skeleton cutting, straightening, feeding, wire welding and inspection and other steps to lower parts produced, each of which has a corresponding process steps automatic or semi-automatic apparatus embodiment, the above-described embodiment a process to a device that is integrated in the same rack resistor winding machine, in the above-described process steps, the welding wire has been a difficulty that the supporting means have not been able to achieve full automatic welding and weld quality is not good, poor product consistency, it is because the difficulty lies in the winding machine for fine resistance wire welding low success rate of 92 coiled its accuracy is not high. 传统设计是有送丝机构前伸把电阻丝线头送到焊接点,但是由于电阻丝太细,没有精确的校直电阻骨架,前端伸出的电阻丝会由于重力的作用而下垂,这会使电阻丝无法被准确送到焊接点。 Traditional designs are wire feeder to reach the resistance of the wire head welding points, but due to the resistance wire is too thin, there is no precise alignment resistance backbone, extending the front end of the resistance wire will sag due to gravity, which makes resistance wire welding point can not be accurately delivered.


[0003] 本发明的目的是为了克服现有的绕线机的绕线焊接装置焊接成功率低、焊接质量不好的不足,电阻骨架校直不精确,提出一种用于电阻绕线机的校直装置,包括气缸、底板、接料块、校直块和水平定位仪,气缸可拆卸安装在底板上;气缸的活塞杆上至少设置有两个接料块;校直块固定安装在底板的出料出处;接料块和校直块相配相互摩擦;所述水平定位仪设置在底板的底部。 [0003] The object of the present invention is to overcome the existing winding winding machine welding device welding low success rate, lack of bad welding quality, resistance skeletal alignment inaccuracies, proposes a winding machine for resistance alignment means includes a cylinder, a bottom plate, splice block, and horizontal straightening locator block, the cylinder is detachably mounted on the base; the piston rod is provided with at least two splicing blocks; straightening block fixedly mounted on the base plate a discharge source; splice block and straightening block Matches friction; at the bottom of the horizontal plate locator settings. 所述水平定位仪包括水平定位块、水平调节螺母和水平固定杆,所述水平定位块四方阵列设置在底板的底部;水平固定杆贯通于底板;水平定位块通过水平固定杆与水平调节螺母连接;水平调节螺母设置在底板左右两个边缘。 The locator includes a horizontal positioning block level, and the horizontal level adjustment nut fixing rod, the horizontal positioning block Quartet array disposed on the bottom floor; horizontal stationary rod through the base plate; horizontal positioning block by a horizontal stationary rod and horizontal adjustment nuts ; horizontal adjustment nut is provided on both the left and right edges of the bottom plate. 用于电阻绕线机的校直装置还包括接料块安装板,所述接料块安装板安装在气缸的活塞杆上,接料块通过接料块安装板与气缸的活塞杆连接。 School for resistance winder apparatus further comprises a straight splice block mounting plate, the mounting plate splice block mounted on a piston rod, splice block connection via splice block mounting plate and the cylinder piston rod.

[0004] 进一步,所述接料块安装板的上平面均匀的设有多个接料块安装孔。 [0004] Further, the splice block mounting plate on the plane homogeneous material with a plurality of contact blocks mounting holes.

[0005] 进一步,所述底板的出料处设有“V”形出料口,“V”形出料口位于校直块的下面。 [0005] Further, the material of the base plate is provided at the "V" shaped spout, "V" shaped spout school is located directly beneath the block.

[0006] 本发明的有益效果:电阻骨架在进入加工前,进行精确的校直,电阻被准确送到焊接点,因此可以提高焊接的准确性和成功率,从而保证焊接质量。 [0006] The beneficial effects of the present invention: resistance skeleton before entering processing, precise alignment, resistance welding is accurate to the point, it is possible to improve the accuracy and success rate of welding, so as to ensure the quality of welding.


[0007] 图1为本发明一个方向的立体结构示意图; [0007] FIG. 1 of the present invention is a three-dimensional structure diagram direction;

[0008] 图2为本发明另一个方向的立体结构示意图; Three-dimensional structure [0008] Figure 2 is a schematic view of the invention in another direction;

[0009] 图3为本发明另一个方向的立体结构示意图; Three-dimensional structure [0009] Figure 3 is a schematic view of the invention in another direction;

[0010] 图4为本发明的电阻器的焊接工艺流程示意图。 Resistor of the present invention [0010] FIG. 4 a schematic view of the welding process.

具体实施方式 detailed description

[0011] 下面结合附图和具体的实施例对本发明作进一步的阐述。 [0011] below in conjunction with the accompanying drawings and specific embodiments of the invention will be further elaborated.

[0012] 如图4所示,发明的电阻器的焊接工艺流程,电阻骨架4通过下料装置I进入到校直装2然后通过送料装置3进入到焊接装置,焊接好电阻丝后通过出料装置5完成生产。 [0012] FIG. 4, the resistor welding process of the invention, the housing 4 by cutting resistance means I entered straightening device 2 and 3 by the feeding device to enter the welding apparatus, welding wire after a good resistance by the material 5 means complete production.

[0013] 如图1至3所示,一种用于电阻绕线机的校直装置,包括气缸21、底板22、接料块24、校直块25和水平定位仪26,气缸21可拆卸安装在底板22上;气缸21的活塞杆上至少设置有两个接料块24 ;校直块25固定安装在底板22的出料出处;接料块24和校直块25相配相互摩擦;所述水平定位仪26设置在底板22的底部。 [0013] Figures 1 to 3, a resistive calibration apparatus for a direct-winding machine, comprising a cylinder 21, a bottom plate 22, a splice block 24, block 25 and the horizontal alignment locator 26, the cylinder 21 is removably mounted on the base 22; on the piston rod of the cylinder 21 is provided with at least two splicing blocks 24; straightening block 25 is fixedly mounted on the bottom plate 22 of the discharge source; splice block 24 and alignment block 25 mating friction; the said horizontal locator 26 is provided at the bottom of the base plate 22.

[0014] 所述水平定位仪26包括水平定位块262、水平调节螺母261和水平固定杆263,所述水平定位块262四方阵列设置在底板22的底部;水平固定杆263贯通于底板22 ;水平定位块262通过水平固定杆263与水平调节螺母261连接;水平调节螺母261设置在底板22左右两个边缘。 [0014] The level of locator 26 includes a horizontal positioning block 262, level 261 and level adjustment nut fixing rod 263, the horizontal positioning block 262 square array disposed on the bottom plate 22; horizontal rod fixed to the base plate 263 through 22; level the positioning block 262 adjustment nut through the horizontal stationary rod 263 and 261 connected to the horizontal; horizontal adjustment nut 261 provided on both the left and right edges of the bottom plate 22.

[0015] 所述接料块安装板23的上平面均匀的设有多个接料块安装孔,可根据实际的需要,改变两个接料块24之间的距离。 [0015] then the ingot mounting plate 23 on the plane homogeneous splice a plurality of blocks of mounting holes, according to the actual needs of changing two blocks from the splice 24 between.

[0016] 所述底板22的出料处设有“V”形出料口,“V”形出料口位于校直块25的下面。 [0016] The discharge 22 is provided at the bottom "V" shaped spout, "V" shaped spout located straightening block 25 below.

[0017] 当电阻骨架4落入到接料块24上时,当电阻骨架4左右的两个触角分别落在接料块24工作平面上,气缸21的活塞杆推动接料块24与校直块25压紧,然后气缸21的活塞杆带动接料块24回缩,接料块24与校直块25相互接触的平面发生摩擦,电阻骨架4的两个触角在摩擦力的作用下,完成校直,并通过“V”形出料口吗,进入到送料装置3。 [0017] When the resistance falls to 4 skeleton splice block 24, when the resistance of the skeleton were two tentacles around 4 splice block 24 falls on the working plane, cylinder piston rod 21 driven by splicing block 24 straight and school clamping block 25, cylinder 21 and piston rod driven by splicing block 24 is retracted, splice block 24 and block 25 straightening plane friction contact with each other, the two resistance skeleton antennae 4 at the role of friction, complete straightening, and through the "V" shaped spout it, into the feed device 3.

[0018] 长时间的接料块24与校直块25相互接触的平面发生摩擦,响到底板22的水平位置,如果底板22发生变化,整个校直装置的精确度就会下降,此时扭动水平调节螺母261,水平调节螺母261带动水平固定杆263旋转,水平固定杆263控制水平定位块262,将底板22恢复水平位置,保证电阻骨架在进入加工前,进行精确的校直,电阻被准确送到焊接点,因此可以提高焊接的准确性和成功率,从而保证焊接质量。 [0018] long splice block 24 and block 25 straightening plane friction contact with each other, rang in the end plate 22 of the horizontal position, if the base plate 22 is changed, the accuracy of the entire alignment device will drop, this time twisting fixed horizontal adjustment nut 261, driven by horizontal adjustment nut 261 fixed horizontally rotating rod 263, 263 control the level of horizontal stationary rod positioning block 262, will return to the horizontal position of the bottom plate 22 to ensure resistance skeleton before entering the processing for accurate alignment, the resistance is accurate to weld, welding can be improved accuracy and success rate, so as to ensure the quality of welding.

[0019] 本领域的普通技术人员将会意识到,这里所述的实施例是为了帮助读者理解本发明的原理,应被理解为本发明的保护范围并不局限于这样的特别陈述和实施例。 [0019] one of ordinary skill in the art will recognize that the embodiments described herein is intended to assist the reader in understanding the principles of the present invention is to be understood the scope of the present invention is not limited to such a special statement Example . 本领域的普通技术人员可以根据本发明公开的这些技术启示做出各种不脱离本发明实质的其它各种具体变形和组合,这些变形和组合仍然在本发明的保护范围内。 One of ordinary skill in the art may be made without departing from the spirit of the present invention, a variety of other kinds of specific variations and combinations of these technologies according to teachings of the present disclosure, a combination of these variations and still be within the scope of the present invention.

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