SOS Children's Villages

SOS Children's Villages leveraged Google Ads tools to maximise the impact of their Ad Grants account.

Marketing goals

  • Increase number of donations
  • Spread awareness of organisation’s mission
  • Build an online presence

Success Metrics


monthly website visits


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SOS Children's Villages

Location: New Delhi, IN

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SOS Children's Villages is an independent, non-governmental, social development organisation that has provided family-based care for children in India since 1964. Currently, more than 6,600 children and young people live in 32 SOS Children's Villages and 27 SOS Youth Facilities in the country.

Marketing Goals

SOS Children's Villages was not a digital-savvy organisation before setting up their Google Ad Grants account. The organisation creates their Google Ads campaigns based on marketing goals. They also leverage different Google Ads tools and adopt best practices shared by the Google Ad Grants team to achieve their goals.


SOS relies on free Google Ads tools to manage their Ad Grants account. They review and implement the suggestions offered on the Opportunities tab and recommend this tool to other resource constrained Grantees. In addition, SOS regularly adds relevant keywords to their campaigns and uses ad text that highlights key messages to target their audience and drive qualified traffic to the SOS website.

Impact of Google Ad Grants

After launching their Ad Grants account, SOS monthly site visits soared from 3,000 to 8,000 and the organisation receives an average of INR 40,000 in donations a month from their Ad Grants ads. Conversion tracking allows the organisation to measure the impact of their campaigns, understand what actions users take after clicking on their ads and shows which campaigns drive the most donations. They use this data to ensure that their daily budget is allocated to the campaigns that are helping them meet their goals. Lastly, sitelinks help SOS promote pages of their website that drive engagement such as the 'Donate and help' page.

“Ad Grants enables resource constrained organisations to meet their goals and reach the right audience.”
Kanchan Sen, Head of Individual Partnerships, Fund Development & Communications, SOS Children’s Villages