Moms In Prayer International

Moms in Prayer International raises $17,000 in online donations through Google Ad Grants in 90 days.

Marketing goals

  • Raise funds
  • Email subscriptions
  • Increase awareness

Success Metrics


donations in 90 days


email sign ups in 90 days


Moms in Prayer International is a faith based organisation focused on impacting children and schools worldwide by gathering mothers to pray.

Marketing Goals

The organisation leverages the reach of Google Ad Grants to increase awareness, generate interest in programmes offered, raise funds and drive email subscriptions. Ultimately, marketing efforts are focused on uniting mums to strengthen communities.

The Approach

Community Boost Consulting, a digital marketing agency, manages Moms in Prayer International’s Ad Grants account. Conversion tracking is used to track donations, email subscriptions and prayer group sign ups driven by Google Ads. In addition, insights from Analytics data has helped spark new donor acquisition funnels. Cameron Ripley, CEO of Community Boost Consulting, explains, 'We know there are many opportunities to convert moms into supporters outside of hoping they donate the very first time they visit the website thanks to Analytics data.'

Maximise conversions bidding has also been instrumental in delivering on a variety of ad campaign goals including donations, ecommerce sales and generating email subscribers. Cameron says, 'Upon implementing maximise conversions, we saw an increase in the conversion rate and CTR for every Google Ads campaign, as the system was showing the ads more effectively. Maximise conversions automatically increases bids when a conversion is more likely to occur for a competitive keyword.'

Impact of Google Ad Grants

In 90 days, Google Ad Grants generated $17,000 in online donations, 1,500 email subscriptions and 123 prayer group sign ups for Moms in Prayer International. During this time period a single search resulted in a $2,000 donation. Additionally, Google Ads drove 60,000 website visits, effectively increasing awareness for the organisation.

'We are incredibly grateful for how Google Ad Grants has uplifted our ministry. During year-end 2017, Community Boost helped generate over $15,000 in online revenue directly from the Google Ad Grant, while also bringing in 1,464 additional email subscribers and $3,575 in recurring yearly gifts.'
Estha Trouw, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Moms In Prayer International