Kiwis for Kiwi

Kiwis for kiwi increased web traffic by 105% using the Keyword Planner tool in their Ad Grants Account.

Marketing goals

  • Increase website traffic
  • Increase online visibility and brand awareness

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Kiwis for Kiwi

Location: New Zealand

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Kiwis for kiwi™ supports local organisations and community groups working to protect kiwis and their natural habitat. They provide funding, training and resources to kiwi conservation projects and connect each project with volunteers. Together, they aim to increase awareness, educate the public and ignite a passion in all New Zealanders to join the fight and become Kiwis for kiwi™.

Marketing Goals

Over the past two years, Kiwis for kiwi™ developed a loyal but narrow following. Their web traffic was plateauing and the organisation was not growing. In order to reach a larger audience, Kiwis for kiwi™ turned to Google Ad Grants to establish a strong online presence. They wanted to find a way to drive traffic to their website to educate the public, connect individuals with partner organisations and encourage donations.


Kiwis for kiwi™ worked with a creative agency to identify how they could build campaigns and keywords in the Google Ads interface that reflected their marketing goals. They segmented the account into three different campaigns (Education, Brand Awareness and Ways to Get Involved) and utilised the Keyword Planner tool to generate keywords that were relevant to each category. Once they developed a general list, they worked with the agency to refine the terms to reflect what their organisation offers to control their web traffic.

Impact of Google Ad Grants

Within the first month of advertising with Google Ad Grants, Kiwis for kiwi™ reported their national fundraising campaign traffic increased by 105% and reached an all-time high of 12,000 visitors. Over the next 7 months, source traffic from Google Google Ads continued to grow by 25% and currently represents 80% of their total site visits. They are actively monitoring their campaigns and are ecstatic to see such success and growth. As Kiwis for kiwi™ works towards their one year mark as a Grantee, they are looking towards implementing Conversion Tracking within Google Analytics to better understand the number of donations coming from Google Ads.

“With a limited marketing and advertising budget, we find we are often preaching to the converted. Ad Grants has offered Kiwis for kiwi a new channel and opportunity to reach a new audience.”
Michelle Impey, Executive Director, Kiwis for kiwi™