GlobalGiving used conversion tracking metrics to drive qualified traffic, allowing them to apply for the Grantspro program.

Marketing goals

  • Increase visits to website’s project page
  • Expand impact to new countries
  • Drive online donations

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Location: USA


GlobalGiving is an organisation that gives social entrepreneurs and non-profits from anywhere in the world a chance to raise money to improve their communities. On, potential donors can search for projects by region or topic and their chosen charity will send updates about how the donation is put to work. GlobalGiving is a marketplace for positive impact; people donate their time and money to charities that go out and make the world a better place.

Marketing Goals

GlobalGiving recognises that people usually only donate to a cause after they are sufficiently informed about it. As a result, GlobalGiving uses their website to inform people about issues and then connect their donors to the 10,000+ qualified projects around the world. After trying traditional marketing efforts, GlobalGiving turned to Google Ad Grants in 2008 to drive qualified traffic to their website and ultimately increase donations to their variety of projects. They have spent 6+ years testing online marketing strategies in their Ad Grants account to successfully achieve their goals.


Kevin Conroy, Chief Product Officer, compares Google Ads performance data over time with industry and consumer trends to look for new outreach opportunities. In addition, conversion tracking metrics and click volume trends show which campaigns and projects are increasing in popularity and helps Kevin set marketing goals and strategies for GlobalGiving. Google Ad Grants lets the organisation target the right person at the right time with the right call to action, helping people stay educated and ultimately give.

Impact of Google Ad Grants

GlobalGiving installed conversion tracking to track how many donations and newsletter subscriptions were coming from their Ad Grants campaigns. They used conversion tracking metrics to optimise their campaigns and ultimately help them get the most out of their monthly budget of $10,000. This allowed them to apply for the Grantspro programme, receive an increased budget of $40,000 a month and see an even greater impact from their Ad Grants account. The increased budget alone doubled GlobalGiving's traffic and Google Ads spend. Today, their website traffic is up over 400% from when they joined Ad Grants in 2008 and they are still testing new strategies to utilise their increased budget.

“Google Ad Grants has helped drive more than 350,000 visitors to our site, bringing an additional $440,000 from more than 5,000 donations – and all without any cost to our organisation!”
Kevin Conroy, Chief Product Office, GlobalGiving