The Fred Hollows Foundation

The Fred Hollows Foundation uses Ad Grants and paid Google Ads to magnify the impact of online campaigns.

Marketing goals

  • Raise awareness of eye conditions
  • Drive traffic to website
  • Increase number of donations

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The Fred Hollows Foundation

Location: Australia

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The Fred Hollows Foundation is an Australia-based organisation with a vision of ending avoidable blindness and improving Indigenous health. Over 200 million people worldwide are either blind or visually impaired and often this can be remedied by a simple procedure. However, many are without the resources to get quality help. The Foundation focuses on delivering comprehensive treatments for the various conditions causing these problems and helping improve the quality of life for millions of people.

Marketing Goals

The Fred Hollows Foundation aims to build public awareness around eye health as an important development goal. The organisation uses their Ad Grants and paid Google Ads accounts to raise awareness, drive traffic to their website and charity events and increase the numbers of online donations.


The Fred Hollows Foundation has maximised their online marketing impact by supplementing their Ad Grants account with a separate paid Google Ads account. Their digital marketing agency, Loves Data, uses their Ad Grants' $2 CPC to target less competitive keywords and bids more on general, high traffic keywords in their paid Google Ads account. The paid Google Ads account also allows The Fred Hollows Foundation to take advantage of features not available to Grantees such as remarketing and the Google Display Network. Remarketing allows the organisation to reach users that visited their website at key points in future marketing campaigns. The Fred Hollows Foundation also updates the content on their website based on high volume keywords in both of their Google Ads accounts so that they stay relevant.

Impact of Google Ad Grants

Over the 2013 fiscal year, the Google Ad Grants account contributed to almost 15% of the organisation's online donations and helped enable The Fred Hollows Foundation to secure the resources to complete over 4.5 million eye operations, procedures and treatments. The Ad Grants account drove over 87,000 clicks and 2,000 conversions in 12 months and provides the organisation a platform to test the effectiveness of different campaign structures and ad copy. The Fred Hollows Foundation applies the findings from their Ad Grants account to their paid Google Ads account, a strategy that contributed to their winning the Australian Charity of the Year award in 2013.

“Active account management and leveraging both the Ad Grants and paid Google Ads platforms together enabled us to achieve 5x the impact of a stand alone Ad Grants account.”
Aisling Wallace, Head of Digital Accounts, Loves Data