links Google Analytics to Ad Grants account to improve campaign results and benchmark cost per conversion across online and offline channels.

Marketing goals

  • Mobilise socially active youth
  • Increase voter registration
  • Drive volunteer sign-ups

Success Metrics


driven to voter registration flow in 2018


conversions in 6 months


website visits in 6 months

At a glance

Location: USA

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Mission is focused on young people and social change. The organisation identifies the causes that young people care about and gives them meaningful actions to make an offline impact on those causes.

Marketing Goals leverages Google Ads to mobilise the most socially conscious, socially responsible and socially active generation of young people ever. The organisation relies on their Ad Grants account to connect young people with campaigns that they can take action on. In 2018, the organisation was particularly focused on driving voter registration. Carrie Bloxson, CMO, says, 'We have been approaching voter registration with a multi-pronged marketing strategy, and Google Ad Grants is a key component in that strategy.'

The Approach

Google Ad Grants allows to reach young, eligible voters with relevant messaging at scale. Carrie explains, 'Google Ad Grants enables us to connect our voter registration flow with people that are actively searching for ways to make their voice heard. We use conversion tracking which helps us understand the conversion rate and the cost per conversion of people beginning and completing the registration flow.'

Conversion data helps the organisation understand how the channel and messaging resonates with their target audience and helps them prioritise messaging that is performing well. For their voter registration efforts, conversion data helped establish a benchmark cost per acquisition that they compare to other marketing channels. Carrie says, 'Our organisation makes data-informed decisions. We love the ability to integrate our Google Analytics data with our Google Ads dashboard to get a quick snapshot on performance without jumping between platforms.'

Impact of Google Ad Grants

Google Ad Grants was a key marketing channel to drive voter registration for 18-24 year olds in 2018. Since launching voter registration campaigns, Google Ad Grants drove roughly 46,000 people into a voter registration flow on Over six months,’s Google Ads campaigns drove over 100,000 website visits, 32,000 conversions with an average click-through rate of 12%.

“Our Google Ad Grant helps drive awareness among young people and connects them to the resources and information that they need. Let’s do this!'
Carrie Bloxson, CMO,