With the help of Google Ad Grants, Caritasverband Frankfurt was able to increase its online donations sixfold.

Marketing goals

  • Generate online donations
  • Recruit volunteers
  • Raise awareness

Success Metrics


increase in online donations

Up to 5,000

more visitors per month

Up to 300,000

page views per month

At a glance


Location: Frankfurt, Germany


Caritasverband Frankfurt e. V. (Caritas Association Frankfurt) was founded in 1901 and works across the entire metropolitan area of Frankfurt as a charity organisation of the Catholic Church. A total of 1,600 employees and around 2,000 volunteers provide various types of social services and help for people in need through more than 100 facilities and services.

Marketing Goals

Caritasverband Frankfurt is committed to a solidarity-based and caring society, and wants to raise public awareness of the subjects of poverty and disadvantage. The charity is dependent on online donations to finance its work. Google Ad Grants helps the nonprofit organisation raise its profile, attract more visitors to its website, call attention to its areas of activity and increase the number of online donations.


The advertising budget provided by Google Ad Grants is used in a targeted manner by Caritas to promote online donations and advertise job openings. Using the targeted Ad Grants campaigns, the association can reach people who want to help those in need, and people looking for work, at the right time, and successfully move them to donate or apply.

Impact of Google Ad Grants

'It’s not an easy task, generating online donations,' explains Marketing Manager Christopher Franz. 'Luckily, we have been part of the Google Ad Grants programme for some time. In this way, we have been able to significantly increase both our findability on the Internet and our online donation revenues.' Ad Grants was able to quickly help the organisation, 'When large numbers of refugees arrived in Frankfurt at the end of 2015 needing rapid help, we started a corresponding fundraising campaign via Google,' recounted Franz. 'So we were present with the right message at the right time on the right channel, and very quickly generated extensive resources.' Compared to 2010, Caritas was able to increase its online donations by 646% in 2015 and better publicise its charitable work. In addition to Google Ad Grants, the organisation is planning to leverage other Google tools in the future, to draw even more attention to problems and to increase people’s generosity.

'We were able to promote the opportunity to donate online using the Google Ad Grants programme. Since then, we have significantly increased our donation income. The increase was particularly apparent in the "Help for Refugees" section.'
Michaela Jacobsohn, Fundraising and Donation Management