Google Ad Grants helps connect food growers with local pantries, and educate tens of millions of people nationwide without a marketing budget.

Marketing goals

  • Connect food growers with local pantries
  • Drive donations
  • Attract corporate sponsorships

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Founded in 2009, envisions an America where millions of gardeners eliminate food waste, malnutrition and hunger in their own community through local food sourcing. The organisation connects 42 million Americans who collectively grow 11 billion pounds of excess food annually to local food pantries to feed the needy and prevents healthy food from going to waste.

Marketing Goals relies on their Google Ad Grants account as their primary method of marketing. With no allocated marketing budget and no prior online marketing experience, Ad Grants allows the organisation to reach home and community gardeners to educate them on ways to share their harvest with food pantries. The organisation relies on Ad Grants to solicit individual donations and corporate sponsorships so that they can reach their organisation’s goals to get fresh food in half of the nation’s food pantries.

The Approach

Gary Oppenheimer, Founder of explains, 'We track the impact of our Ad Grants account by importing Google Analytics goals to our campaigns. Conversion data guides our digital marketing decisions because we can easily see what happens after someone clicks on our ads. We were surprised and pleased at how quickly we were able to start receiving actionable data.' Conversions grew sixfold in 4 years since implementing Analytics. also uses Google Analytics to identify their strongest website pages and improve them with A/B testing with Google Optimize.

Impact of Google Ad Grants's Google Ads campaigns have driven over 2 million website visits and over 200,000 conversions since joining the program in 2009. Ad Grants has allowed the organisation to educate, encourage and enable the donation of food at scale and has received 8,400 (25% of the nation’s total) food pantry registrations since launching their Google Ads campaigns. Gary Oppenheimer says, 'Google tracking tools have been invaluable to our organisation. Without them we would be in the dark about so many metrics and insights. They have allowed us to reach more people willing to share fresh garden produce with people in need. We are incredibly grateful to have these ever evolving, powerful tools at our fingertips.'

'Ad Grants has been a critical partner of since our launch. 1,000 food pantries nationwide registered to receive locally grown fresh food for the first time within 150 days of launching ads due to the extensive reach and effectiveness of Google Ads.'
Gary Oppenheimer, Founder,