American Humane

American Humane uses Google Ads conversion tracking data to influence website content development and drive focused marketing efforts that convert.

Marketing goals

  • Raise donations
  • Drive newsletter sign-ups
  • Increase service dog applications

Success Metrics


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American Humane

Location: USA

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Founded in 1877, American Humane, the country’s first national humane group, has proudly been the driving force behind virtually every 'first' in rescuing and protecting the abandoned, the hurt and the defenceless. Today, American Humane’s programmes directly improve and save the lives of more than one billion living creatures in countries all across the globe.

Marketing Goals

American Humane uses Google Ad Grants to increase the organisation’s exposure and educate people on their work in the animal welfare space. Akshay Khullar, Front End Developer, says, 'We leverage Google Ads to drive donations, newsletter sign-ups, applications for service dogs and views of key pages.'

The Approach

American Humane implemented conversion tracking using Google Tag Manager to track the impact of their Google Ads and understand how users are engaging with their content. Akshay explains, 'We use conversion tracking data to understand which parts of our website and which programmes are receiving the most attention, to help us figure out what the "low hanging fruit" is so to speak. The data informs which less popular programmes we need to focus on marketing.'

Conversion tracking provides critical data that influences marketing decisions and content development. 'We know that for every application to get a service dog, users visited the page twice before submitting their application. We have a lot of really great data that we can use to help improve our user experience and ultimately improve our programmes,' says Akshay.

In addition to conversion tracking, implementing the Maximise conversions bid strategy has enabled American Humane to get the most out of their Ad Grants account. Akshay explains, 'We implemented Maximise conversions to bid higher than the programme’s manual bid cap, optimise our bid strategy and to help get the most conversions for our campaigns. We believe that we are getting the most valuable users to our website and we can see them engaging with our content in ways to which we have assigned value.'

Impact of Google Ad Grants

Google Ad Grants has significantly increased the organisation’s visibility and effectively gets their content directly in front of users who are searching for the programmes that they provide. Conversion tracking allows American Humane to set measurable goals within their Ad Grants account and easily track them – providing insight into how many users are opting in to the organisation’s newsletter, donating and more.

Akshay says, 'Thanks to Google Ad Grants, our lifesaving programmes have appeared in over one million Search ads in a year, allowing more Americans to learn how we can help when disaster strikes.' In a years time, Google Ads drove over 1,000 new people to donate or sign up to volunteer and over 600 people have completed a service dog application.

'Google Ads conversion tracking provides a lot of really great data that we can use to help improve our user experience and ultimately improve our programmes.'
Akshay Khullar, Front End Developer, American Humane