Street View trusted photographers policy

This policy applies to all Street View trusted participants that collect imagery on behalf of their customers to be used on Google products.

Our Street View trusted photographers policy covers four areas:

Transparency requirements

For customers to fully realize the benefits of uploading imagery on Google products, they need to have the right information to make informed decisions. Therefore, we require all of our trusted participants to be transparent with information that affects these decisions. In addition to meeting the requirements outlined below, trusted participants must make reasonable efforts to provide their customers with other relevant information when requested.

When selling your photographic services to others, it's important you embody the same transparency and that you understand your duties and rights as they pertain to other people, brands, and local laws.

Appropriate use of the Google Brands

Only photographers or companies that have earned trusted status can use the Google Maps Street View brand and trusted badge as marketing assets. As a trusted photographer, we invite you to leverage them to celebrate your distinguished status. Trusted pros can use the trusted badge, word mark, and branding elements, including Google Maps and Street View, or any other related logos. Below are some things you can and can't do with them. If you believe someone is violating Google's permitted uses of our brand assets, you can report issues here. For all other Google brand assets, you can report inappropriate uses here.

Trusted Imagery Quality Requirements

Prohibited practices

About our policies

It's important that you familiarize yourself with and keep up to date on Google's Street View trusted photographer's policy. If we believe that you violate our policies, we may contact you to conduct a detailed review of your practices and request corrective action. In cases of repeated or serious violations, we may exclude you from the trusted program and may contact your customers to notify them accordingly. We also may prevent you from contributing to Google Maps products.

These policies are in addition to any existing terms and policies that may apply to third parties, including these: