Google Ad Grants helps reach tens of millions of people nationwide without a marketing budget.

Marketing goals

  • Increase food pantry sign-ups online
  • Connect food growers with local pantries
  • Drive donations to support operations

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Location: USA

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Mission envisions an America where millions of gardeners eliminate food waste, malnutrition and hunger in their own community. The organisation connects 42 million Americans with excess food in their garden to local food pantries to feed the needy and prevent food from going to waste. enables hungry people to get food, enables malnourished people to get healthier food, improves the environment, helps build communities and supports local food sourcing.

Marketing goals relies on their Google Ad Grants account as their primary method of marketing. With no allocated marketing budget and no prior online marketing experience, Ad Grants allows the organisation to promote their mission nationwide and drive monetary donations that allow them to continue operations. They use their Ad Grants account to educate millions of home and community gardeners with an abundant harvest that they can share their harvest, how to share their harvest and where to share their harvest.


Gary Oppenheimer, Founder of, applied for the Ad Grants programme in 2009. Due to his active account management and implementation of conversion tracking he was able to maximise their monthly budget and thus be approved for the Grantspro programme in 2014 which provides the organisation with an increased spending cap of $40,000 a month. He says, "Grantspro has provided the industrial level communications muscle that is typically unavailable to a small non-profit". Gary uses Google Ads Editor to make mass changes to his campaigns and implements the automated suggestions on the Opportunities tab regularly to improve campaign performance. The increased budget cap of $40,000 allows the flexibility to test a variety of campaign targeting strategies and reach their target audience at multiple touchpoints.

Impact of Google Ad Grants's Google Ads campaigns have driven over 1 million clicks in 5 years and over 60,000 conversions in just a few months. Ad Grants has allowed the organisation to educate, encourage and enable the donation of food at scale and has received 7,000+ food pantry registrations since launching their Google Ads campaigns in 2009. They have received a significant amount of press coverage and support largely due to the mass awareness driven by Ad Grants.

'Ad Grants has been a critical partner of since our launch. 1,000 food pantries nationwide registered to receive locally grown fresh food for the first time within 150 days of our existence due to the extensive reach of Google Ads.'
Gary Oppenheimer, Founder,