See if you’re eligible.

All of our Grantees must meet certain criteria in order to qualify for Google Ad Grants and keep that qualification active. Here’s how your non-profit can qualify.


Changing the world, one country at a time.

We work with more than 20,000 non-profits across more than 50 countries. In order to qualify for a Google Ad Grant, your non-profit must be based in one of these countries.


Here’s how to qualify for Google Ad Grants.

To qualify for Google Ad Grants, your organisation must:

  • Begin by applying to Google for Nonprofits. Your organisation must hold valid charity status. Please see the Google for Nonprofits site for definitions of charity status in your country. Governmental entities and organisations, hospitals and medical groups, schools, academic institutions and universities are not eligible for Google for Nonprofits, but philanthropic arms of educational institutions are eligible.

  • Acknowledge and agree to Google’s required certifications regarding nondiscrimination and donation receipt and use.

  • Have a high-quality website that meets the Ad Grants website policy.

  • Get approved through the Ad Grants pre-qualification process after your organisation is enrolled in Google for Nonprofits.

Here’s how to stay qualified.

To maintain your eligibility for Google Ad Grants, your organisation must abide by program policies.