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Artlandish Aboriginal Art Gallery

“AdWords is definitely the most effective marketing tool I use.“

Scott Linklater – Owner

Artlandish Aboriginal Art Gallery

In 2001 Scott started Artlandish Aboriginal Art, an online art gallery that sells authentic Aboriginal art and artefacts from Kunnarra, Far East Kimberley, Western Australia. The region is the home of ochre art, the original medium used by Australian Aboriginal artists for cultural ceremonies and art.

The Artlandish Aboriginal Art Gallery website is e-commerce enabled so people can purchase artwork online. Google AdWords has helped Scott direct traffic to the website. “Our online gallery is an essential part of our business due to our remote location,” says Scott, “so we are happy to drive as many potential customers to the website as possible.

Scott uses magazines and tourism publications to promote the website, but finds that they only reach a local market. With AdWords, he’s able to reach an international audience and target potential customers searching for Aboriginal art. “I recently received a phone inquiry from someone in Egypt,” he says, “so AdWords is definitely reaching a worldwide market.” Scott now invests 85% of his marketing budget in AdWords: “It’s definitely the most effective marketing tool I use.”

Scott sources his artworks from independent indigenous Australian artists and is happy that he can support them through his business. As he expands his activities, he is excited about the prospect of promoting these artists’ work to people all over the world.

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