Opportunity for everyone

$1 billion in grants. 1 million volunteer hours. We’re building on the goals we shared with the world in our first founders’ letter: to develop services that improve the lives of as many people as possible.

This is just part of our first five-year commitment to create opportunity for everyone.

Opportunity to learn

We know that education is the most powerful use of information to improve lives. Our education products – from Classroom to Chromebooks – benefit more than 80 million people in 180 countries, while our programs and philanthropic efforts aim to close the education equity gap through technology, tools, and training that help students and educators alike thrive.

Learn more at Google for education

Opportunity to succeed

We know that economic mobility lies at the foundation of every productive society. In addition to offering products such as Search, Maps and YouTube, which help millions of businesses and individuals get discovered online, we are working to ensure that more people have the skills they need to succeed in a digital world.

Learn more at grow with Google

Opportunity to be heard

We know that diverse perspectives strengthen us as a society. From products like YouTube, which amplifies voices and enables more people to engage in the world around them, to our support of organisations fighting systemic discrimination, we are committed to building a more inclusive society.

Learn more at Google.org

Useful resources

My Account

My Account consolidates Google’s privacy and security settings all in one place with more information about what data is collected, giving you control over how your data is used.

Google Safety Centre

Keeping the web safe for everyone is a shared responsibility. Learn what you can do to protect yourself and your family online.

Google Digital Garage

Google Digital Garage provides free courses on everything from search to social media, to help you grow your business or career.

Google My Business

Google My Business helps any business get discovered online for free.

Google for Nonprofits

Google for Nonprofits helps organisations fundraise more easily, collaborate more efficiently and share their stories with a wider audience.

Google.org Impact Challenge

Your community. Your ideas to make it better. The Google.org Impact Challenge asks local nonprofit innovators how they would make their community—and beyond—an even better place.

Google for Entrepreneurs

Google for Entrepreneurs helps nurture the startup community by providing financial support and the best of Google’s technical resources.

Google for Developers

Google for Developers empowers engineers and startup founders with resources, training and tools to create new apps and tools.

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