We're breaking new ground in scaling up renewable energy.

By purchasing renewable energy from wind and solar farms, we’re adding new clean power near our data centers and the communities around us.

When we sign agreements to purchase clean power, we choose projects that have a material impact in bringing new renewable energy sources to the market. By providing developers with a solid commitment, we help them get the money they need to finance new clean energy facilities. In exchange, we get clean energy at competitive prices, as well as the renewable energy certificates to help reduce our carbon footprint. Together, we make the grid a little bit greener.

In addition, we work closely with utility companies and other energy providers to pioneer new pathways for renewable energy adoption, from Tennessee to Taiwan.

People in front of solar panel

We're investing in a brighter future for everyone.

We’re going beyond investing in renewables for our own operations — we want to make carbon-free power more accessible for consumers of all types and sizes. To promote carbon-free solutions, we share technology and insights that help others learn about the potential of renewable energy for solving environmental challenges.

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    The Google Environmental Report

    To meet the challenges posed by climate change and the need for resource efficiency, we work to empower everyone — businesses, governments, non-profit organizations, communities, and individuals — to use Google technology to create a more sustainable world. This report is a chance for us to reflect on what we’ve achieved, the lessons we’ve learned along the way, and the opportunities and challenges we see ahead.

  • Google CEO Sundar Pichai

    The Internet is 24x7 — carbon-free energy should be too

    Sustainability has been a core value for us since Google was founded two decades ago. We were the first major company to become carbon neutral in 2007. We were the first major company to match our energy use with 100 percent renewable energy in 2017. We operate the cleanest global cloud in the industry, and we’re the world’s largest corporate purchaser of renewable energy. In our third decade of climate action, we are going even further to help build a carbon-free future for everyone.