Fredericia, Denmark

  • Welcome

    Google is proud to call Denmark home to one of our data centers.

    Around 150-250 people are expected to be employed at the site in a range of roles including computer technicians, electrical and mechanical engineers, catering, and security staff. Given increased economic activity expected in the area, we also anticipate an impact on job sectors like retail trade, hotels, and transportation.

    With construction work expected to run through 2021, Fredericia will be Google’s fifth data center in Europe, joining our other sites in Ireland, Finland, the Netherlands, and Belgium. We'll look to continue investing in Europe, leading the way with green projects and building ties with the local community.

    Where do I get more information?

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  • Working Here


    Google hires the most qualified individuals from around the world. We make it a priority to hire from the local community whenever possible because it’s good for business and the right thing to do.

    We also seek to contract with local vendors whenever possible. If you are a vendor or are interested in providing a service to Google, please learn more on our supplier help website.

    Find available positions at our data center
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    Life at Google Data Centers

    The technology in our data centers is groundbreaking, but the people who run them are truly remarkable.

  • Community
    • About Community

      In the community

      At Google, we’re committed to playing a positive role in every community in which we operate around the world. Through grant-making and local initiatives that utilize our tools and expertise, we will be working in Fredericia to help businesses, educational institutions, community collaboratives, nonprofits, and individuals create and thrive in a sustainable, knowledge-based economy.
    • In Community

      Partnerships and events

      In the last few years we’ve invested almost €3.4 million in grants to initiatives in our data center communities that build the local skills base — like curriculum and coding programs, as well as educational support through teaching collaborations at area colleges. We’ll also introduce initiatives like these in Fredericia. We are also always on the lookout for opportunities for Googlers to share their time and expertise with the local community.
    • Community Grants

      Community grants

      Our community grants program supports organizations and initiatives that focus on three issues we’re passionate about: science and technology education, carbon reduction, and access to the internet.

      Learn more about our Data Center Community Grants program, eligibility criteria, and how to apply.