Postini Services are Transitioning
to the Google Apps Platform

Beginning in 2013, Postini services* will be transitioning to the Google Apps platform.

Customers will continue to receive email security and archiving services for use with their existing email servers through the Google Apps platform and Google Apps Vault**. Google will manage the transition for our customers and they will not have to replace existing email servers with Gmail.

No immediate action is required by customers. Transitions are expected to start in early 2013 and will continue throughout the course of the year. We will contact customers 60-90 days in advance of their transition eligibility with information on how to make the transition.

To help provide more information and answer questions, we’ve put together this Transition Help Center along with an FAQ. In addition, here are some key details:

  • Postini services are not changing now and no immediate action is required by customers
  • Transitions will take place in 2013 and each customer’s eligibility is determined by contract and configuration
  • Customers will not have to replace existing email servers and will receive similar email security and archiving capabilities as Postini services provides**
  • Google will manage the transition and provide tools and resources to help automate the process

* Transitioning services include Google Message Security (GMS), Google Message Discovery (GMD), and Google Message Encryption (GME).
** Google Message Discovery customers using Lotus Notes/Domino Server will not be supported by Google Apps Vault.

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