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Publication numberWO2013016547 A3
Publication typeApplication
Application numberPCT/US2012/048357
Publication date10 May 2013
Filing date26 Jul 2012
Priority date26 Jul 2011
Also published asCA2842837A1, CN103747693A, CN103747693B, EP2736357A2, EP2736357A4, US8703216, US20130029008, US20140093618, WO2013016547A2
Publication numberPCT/2012/48357, PCT/US/12/048357, PCT/US/12/48357, PCT/US/2012/048357, PCT/US/2012/48357, PCT/US12/048357, PCT/US12/48357, PCT/US12048357, PCT/US1248357, PCT/US2012/048357, PCT/US2012/48357, PCT/US2012048357, PCT/US201248357, WO 2013/016547 A3, WO 2013016547 A3, WO 2013016547A3, WO-A3-2013016547, WO2013/016547A3, WO2013016547 A3, WO2013016547A3
InventorsGabor Forgacs, Francoise Marga, Karoly Robert JAKAB
ApplicantThe Curators Of The University Of Missouri
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Engineered comestible meat
WO 2013016547 A3
Provided are engineered meat products formed as a plurality of at least partially fused layers, wherein each layer comprises at least partially fused multicellular bodies comprising non-human myocytes and wherein the engineered meat is comestible. Also provided are multicellular bodies comprising a plurality of non-human myocytes that are adhered and/or cohered to one another; wherein the multicellular bodies are arranged adjacently on a nutrient- permeable support substrate and maintained in culture to allow the multicellular bodies to at least partially fuse to form a substantially planar layer for use in formation of engineered meat. Further described herein are methods of forming engineered meat utilizing said layers.
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International ClassificationA23L1/31, A23L1/317
Cooperative ClassificationA23L13/00, A23L13/03, C12N5/0062, C12N2502/28, C12N2533/76, C12N2502/1347, C12N5/0697, C12N2506/1307, C12M21/08
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