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Publication numberWO2010079448 A3
Publication typeApplication
Application numberPCT/IB2010/050045
Publication date2 Sep 2010
Filing date7 Jan 2010
Priority date8 Jan 2009
Also published asUS8332580, US20090303767, WO2010079448A2, WO2010079449A1, WO2010079450A2, WO2010079450A3, WO2010079451A1
Publication numberPCT/2010/50045, PCT/IB/10/050045, PCT/IB/10/50045, PCT/IB/2010/050045, PCT/IB/2010/50045, PCT/IB10/050045, PCT/IB10/50045, PCT/IB10050045, PCT/IB1050045, PCT/IB2010/050045, PCT/IB2010/50045, PCT/IB2010050045, PCT/IB201050045, WO 2010/079448 A3, WO 2010079448 A3, WO 2010079448A3, WO-A3-2010079448, WO2010/079448A3, WO2010079448 A3, WO2010079448A3
InventorsAvidan Akerib, Eli Ehrman, Josh Meir, Moshe Meyassed, Yair Alpern, Oren Agam
ApplicantZikbit Ltd.
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System, method and apparatus for memory with control logic to control associative computations
WO 2010079448 A3
An integrated circuit device includes a semiconductor substrate, an array of random access memory (RAM) cells, which are arranged on the substrate in first columns and are configured to store data, a computational section including associative memory cells, which are arranged on the substrate in second columns, which are in communication with the respective first columns so as to receive the data from the array of the RAM cells and to perform an associative computation on the data, and control logic to control the associative computation.
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International ClassificationG06F12/00
Cooperative ClassificationG11C11/005, G06F15/7821, G11C15/00, G06F9/3879, G11C7/1006
European ClassificationG06F9/38S1, G11C15/00, G11C7/10L, G06F15/78P1D, G11C11/00C
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Kind code of ref document: A2
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Ref country code: DE
11 Apr 201232PNEp: public notification in the ep bulletin as address of the adressee cannot be established
29 Aug 2012122Ep: pct app. not ent. europ. phase
Ref document number: 10729132
Country of ref document: EP
Kind code of ref document: A2