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Publication numberWO2009111624 A3
Publication typeApplication
Application numberPCT/US2009/036159
Publication date30 Dec 2009
Filing date5 Mar 2009
Priority date6 Mar 2008
Also published asCA2717697A1, CA2717697C, EP2262450A2, EP2262450A4, US8043375, US8092530, US8152847, US8177842, US8591581, US8876901, US8876902, US20090228104, US20090228106, US20100121451, US20100121452, US20120116510, US20120203342, US20120203343, WO2009111624A2
Publication numberPCT/2009/36159, PCT/US/2009/036159, PCT/US/2009/36159, PCT/US/9/036159, PCT/US/9/36159, PCT/US2009/036159, PCT/US2009/36159, PCT/US2009036159, PCT/US200936159, PCT/US9/036159, PCT/US9/36159, PCT/US9036159, PCT/US936159, WO 2009/111624 A3, WO 2009111624 A3, WO 2009111624A3, WO-A3-2009111624, WO2009/111624A3, WO2009111624 A3, WO2009111624A3
InventorsPeter Strzepa, Stephen D. Cook
ApplicantMoirai Orthopedics, Llc
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Implants and methods of use
WO 2009111624 A3
Implant devices, and method of using the same, are provided. The implant devices have circular, or oblong, articular ends. The articular ends have a convex upper face and a concave lower face, the convex upper face blending to the concave lower face, and the concave lower face having a curvature less than the curvature of the convex upper face. The implant devices further have a stem extending from the concave lower face away from the upper face, the stem having a maximum radius at the convex lower face and tapering to lesser radius along the length of the stem.
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